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Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

                    Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

Weekend a computer virus disrupts the operation of the Asian manufacturer, which creates chips for the iPhone and makes higher tariff devices provided by other high-tech companies.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company on Sunday said that on Friday evening, a virus outbreak has affected its many benefits in Taiwan and many computer systems and fab equipment.

The company said the possibility of delay in invoicing and reduction in revenue will be 3 percent and the gross margin of the third quarter will fall to 1 percent as well as additional costs.However, the TSMAC was optimistic that it could upgrade to lost production in the fourth quarter, and still complete high annual revenue growth forecast for the year.

A degree of separate infection by FB, but 80 percent of the company affected by poor software is recovered Sunday and is expected to be completed by Monday, TMS explained.When a new software tool is being installed, an outbreak has occurred due to "abuse". When the device was connected to the company's network, the virus started to spread. However, by company, data integrity and confidential information were not compromised by malware.

IPhone delay possible

TSMC has used Apple A11 processor at the iPhone X, and it is expected to come next month, which is made company's A12 chip for the next generation of iPhone. As a result of this clash, there will be new iPhone availability in TSCCM's production program.

It is difficult to say that there will be a delay in the availability of the iPhone, because Tismsi said no research into the virus-infected production line located in Mesa, Ariana, Analysis and Advisory Services Firm, Tirias research chief Kevin Kruvel said.

"I believe this was a momentary problem and will not affect the long-term manufacturing sector," said Technewywood.

The main analyst Charles Fund is predicting the King of IT: This event is very early that how this event could affect the new product Apple Haywood, California, an Advisory and Consulting firm.

He told Technewishwd, "It can affect the creation of the iPhone's chip, but these effects are quite predictable for the delay in delivering incoming products."

Apple did not respond to our request for comment on this story.

To build the house?

American manufacturers know the risks of making foreign products. So far, the benefits have taken more advantage of that risk and the supply chain manufacturer's manufacturers are less likely to bring back US manufacturing, such as those who are motivated to do some hard work.

Vice President Anupam Shai Managing Product Kavirin TechNewsWorld said, "We did not reduce the chances of violation in the United States in the last few years, visas of foreign suppliers." Caviron Sisa Clara, a cyber security risk and compliance agency based in California.

Washington, DC said the chief management expert of Thiykotik, chief security scientist Joseph Curson, said, "Security is not necessarily good for the US, but it means that the cost of mobile phones will be significantly higher than that."

"So the question is, if you want to pay $ 2000 (US) $ 2000 for more iPhone?" He asked.

Carson told Technuciwald, "At the end of the day," most consumers are focused on security and price versus security, and are focused on the industry that consumers should versus that. "

Stuck in world economy

There are no guarantees that the products made in the US will be safer than made abroad, but in any case, the use of parts produced abroad is of no avail.

Apple wants to build in the USA, but J.K., Northborough, Massachusetts is an IT consultancy company. Jang E Gold, chief analyst at Gold Associates, noted that it still has to deal with China's part.

He told Technewizard, "Extra security will be reduced by the concept of global supply channels to create modern products."

Some companies say US Pund-IT King, but it is due to concerns related to intellectual property theft, industrial catastrophe or malware.

He said, "Unless it went to face Tismsi more common problems," he said, "I hope that such a microprocessor and other vendor Tismsi will continue to be associated with such offshore manufacturers."

Wave effect

Today's world-wide production concerns, cyber-security concerns affect companies worldwide, Kantornia is located in San Jose and the medium-sized business, Antngl Dirk Morris is the chief product officer of the security provider, the small interpretation of the network.

TechNewsworld said, "This phenomenon has highlighted the fact that any software dependent on software, especially Internet-related software, may be sensitive to cyber security threats."

Semiconductor production should be concentrated

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5 Reliable Ways to Earn Online

It's probably possible for everyone to earn online. But many readers of yours do not know what is possible to earn online. In today's post I'm going to discuss some reliable ways to make money online. Today you will know how you can earn a lot of money online.

Friends, I want to tell you some things before starting the discussion. You earn online and earn offline, no technique is yet to discover that you will become rich overnight. You wake up and become a millionaire. Friends can be just for lottery. Moreover, you can not only say any income, but it can only be done by hard work. The more you give, the more income you can earn. So, first of all, shake the head from the head that you started earning online today and within 10 days the target money came to the money. Yes, one day it will come that you will be able to earn money from online goal. But it requires lot of hard work, fashion ideas, time and skill.

Reliable ways to earn online

  1. Earn money through affiliate marketing
  2. Earn money from Fiverr.Com or other freelancing marketplace
  3. Make money from websites or blogs
  4. Earn money from youtube
  5. Make money by sorting the link

Online earnings from affiliate marketing

Online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdill have all the affiliate marketing facilities. Affiliate marketing is a system where you can invite your friends or family or your site's visitors to buy a product. If they purchase invitations and purchase your referral product then you can earn some part from there.

So this is undoubtedly a good way to earn online. You can become an affiliate member of Amazon. Then you can choose the product as you wish, from there you will be given a link. You can share that link on your YouTube channel or website or blog or Facebook. If a buyer purchases that product by clicking that link, then you will get its commission from there.

With Affiliate Marketing you can refer to almost everything from books, mobile phones, electronic content. If you have a good platform for publicity, whether it's your YouTube channel or your website or your Facebook page. If you share your affiliate link through the platform and sell the product, you will earn a great deal of money.

Make money online from Fiverr.Com or other freelancing marketplace

Fiverr is a site where you can provide any services if it is possible to reach the service through online. For example website design, graphics design, logo design, wordpress development or video editing etc. If you are capable of doing any such work, you can make an account at Fiverr.Com. There you will be able to sell your work. Most of the advantages of this is that every work price here is $ 5. You can also create different packages according to your work rules. And you can set different prices for them. When the customer arrives and will request you for his work. You will understand her work within 2-3 days. From there, Fiverr will cut a few bucks and give you almost the entire amount.

There are also many reliable freelancing marketplaces online. For example, freelancer, apocalypse etc. You can create a profile by opening an account in those freelancing marketplaces. Then you have to apply to the job of your favorite jobs or work you can get from thousands of jobs in the marketplace. If the job provider verifies you your profile then you can give that job. In the freelancing marketplace you can do the job of bell contract and fixed price. And from there, it is possible to earn a lot of money.

Make money online from your website or blog

Another trusted place to earn online is the website or blog. If you have a website or a blog, and if your website or blog has enough visitors, you can earn a lot of money. See if there is a website or blog, and there are enough resources for it to earn, there are lots of ways to earn. However, my first choice as income means Google Adsense. I have already said Google Adsense. This is an add-growing company. You can monitor the content of your blog or website with AdSense. Google will share with you one percent of the money earned from the add-on. But you will need some of the great content of The more people will like your content and the view will earn you more than the add-ons.

In addition to Google Adsense there are many more ad publishing companies. Those who have a very good rate. You can earn good even if you want to add other ad publishing companies. You can earn money even after promoting any product on your website. Besides, Affiliate Marketing is another popular way to earn money from websites or blogs. Below are detailed discussions about affiliate marketing.

So make your own website or blog without delay. Then share your post or content with the world. Nowadays, only one thousand rupees can be made website. Too much can cost 2-3 thousand rupees. If you can make yourself, you can make it or take it from someone. You can use Google's Blogger service if you want. It's totally free. Create blogs with bloggers and stay blogging, create great content. Then there you can link Google Adsense and earn money.

Make money online from youtube

It is possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube earns a lot of popularity online for day to earn online. Many people are making a lot of money from YouTube, and you can do it too. If you have a popular YouTube channel and have thousands of subscribers and you have a great view on the video you have made, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube. Now you're not discussing this issue with YouTube. Can not find Keno about this subject that he does not know YouTube.

When you upload a video to YouTube, your video will be shown in the ad. This add-ins shows Google's services through Google Adsense. You need to apply to Google AdSense for Add-ons from YouTube. But do not worry. Your application will be approved very soon, and it will start showing ads on your uploaded video. There are many add provider companies in Google AdSense. Those who pay Google Google will give you a percentage of the money, and Google will keep the rest with you.

YouTube is a very good way to earn online. But it will be better for you when you have a big channel. There will be many subscribers and many of the videos you create will be loved. Now you have to work hard to make big channels and many subscribers, you have to spend a lot of time and you have to be skilled at your work. If you can create a lot of good video, you want to show the whole world, if you can make good presentations and edit videos, youtube can be a good way of earning money for you. You can create any type of video. Whether it's a tutorial or a technology or cooking program. You make any type of video that you would like to make. Show the world that the videos. If the videos are good, then people will like it and subscribe to your channel. Many people will watch your video and you can earn a lot of money.

Make money by sorting the link

I have just said five reliable ways in this post to earn online. But there are still many ways through which you can earn a satisfactory income. Anyway now talk about linking the income online. Friends, you may notice that users are posted in different locations by posting the link. By removing the link you can shorten the larger website link. So many websites offer this service to fix this link. One of them is and But you can not earn using these. There are more websites on the Internet, such as or etc. They will pay you to sort the link.

When you share your big links with them in different places, if anyone enters the link, then they can see an add-on page before going to the desired link. And skip the add-ons and go to the desired link. And or will pay for it.

If you post something on Facebook or post something on your website, you can share it by sorting the link there. The more visitors you enter, the more you can earn. Besides, there are many small tasks online that can earn you money. Hopefully, I will hopefully get a detailed post about this.

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What is nano technology? Can we create a new world?

It is difficult to guess even a dream of a world - we do not even dream of its features. Take a look around your room, take a look, see what? Your computer, chair, table, your bed? Let's think of yourself 20 times smaller - what will you see now? Maybe there's one on the floor and you'll feel like a gigantic building to see your table. But if you have been reduced to 1000 million times, what will you see? Will you have a chair or a table? Rather you will see things by which your chair, table, consists of everything in this world; Molecules, atoms, proteins, cells etc. If your drawing is taken to the nanoscale, then you can see the electron-proton orbits around the atom rather than no atom or atom. Now suppose you use an extraordinary technique to change the structure of the atom (atom) or atom of an object with the formation of another atom, what would happen? In fact, all the extraordinary materials that have never existed before will ever occur. Starting today, from a new disease medicine to your computer's super fast processor and creating all the extraordinary materials, there is a very small technology that is known as "Nanotechnology" and it is the most amazing form of current science and technology. So let's know all the details about Nanotechnology today ...

How big is this "Nano"?

Capture a photo using your smartphone or any camera and open it with Photoshop. Keep zooming in the photo and zooming, the photo will become dull once and finally, it will be seen just like the brick wall. Each of these four-colored blocks is called a pixel, which contains the description of a photo and together with all the pixels, a complete photo is created. In the same way, everything around you is completely formed by the very small element "atom". Starting from the chair table, your body consists of a very small particle called an atom. Each element has a portion of its composition in its atom, as each photo has a different color in each pixel and a photo is created together. The key theme of Nanotechnology depends on the object; Let's talk about the matter in the structure and its molecule, the structure, and properties of the atom, let us now take the idea of nano drawing.

What is Nano Technology Nano Technology? 

Can we create a new world?? - Motown!
See we are familiar with a world where we are accustomed to measuring meters, kilometers etc. It is really hard to imagine the painting of something that is so small that it can not be seen in sight. However, the Nano is small, but it is larger than a single atom. An atom's radius is about 0.1 nanometer and an atom's nucleus (a concentrated area in the middle of the atom, where protons and neutrons are smaller), which is about 0.00001 nanometers. The subtler and mathematical subdivision of the science department has come to the conclusions about nanometer and its drawing, but try to give another example for everyone's understanding. Think you have an apple in it and hold it is 1 nanometer, how small is it? To compare 1 nanometer with 1 meter, if your apple is a nanometer in your hand, then all the earth will be one meter, do you understand?

You may be surprised to see the pictures of your biology parasitic microbes, maybe it's possible to get rid of such small things. Such photography is done using an electron microscope. This extraordinary science machine can see small objects of a million times a meter, 1 meter (1 million) the small version of 1 meter equal to 1 microscope meter. But Nano is 1 billion (1,000 million) times smaller than 1 meter. So imagine how small the nanometer can be? I've been out of imagination long ago. Let's take a look at the chart below for a more detailed and detailed nanoscale.

Nano Scale-

  • Atom; ~ 0.1 nanometer.
  • Atoms in the spirit; ~ 0.15 nanometers are covered in part.
  • DNA double-helix (DNA molecule); 2 nanometer diameter.
  • Standard protein; ~ 10 nanometers long
  • Computer transistor (by which computer processor or memory is made); ~ 100-200 nanometers wide.
  • Ideal bacteria; ~ 200 nanometers long.
  • Human hair; 50,000-100,000 nanometer diameter
  • A paper; ~ 100,000 nanometers thin.
  • A girl is 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall; ~ 1,200 million nanometers long.
  • A boy is 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall; 2,000 million nanometers long.
  • Empire State Building; 381 meters (1,250 feet) tall; ~ 381,000 nanometers long.

Nano Technology from Nano Science

What is Nano Technology Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Motown! Do you remember the satellite map of Google Maps? Where in the early days, our world seems to be a big round of blue-green. Because of the green trees and the ocean on most of the Earth's surface, a blue-green appears to be bigger round to see the earth from a distance. Now start zooming on the map, gradually many countries will be watching, after that, the country's cities will be noticed and then there will be a particular city on the screen. Now start zooming on the city, an area will come and finally, the zoom will end on a mansion or a house. But is this the last end of the world, that is the smallest element in the world that this planet has been created? Of course not. Nanoscience is used to look at things smaller than our normal eyesight. Now let's go back to the Google Map which ended on a mahalla. Now let's go zoom, maybe a field of mahalla can be found on the mahalla and once zoomed, one can stop at a grass. The idea started with Nano Science and started to zoom the grass. If zoomed grass, plant cells can be seen in it and it can be seen how it is making food for themselves with sunlight. If you do more zoom in this way, you will see that the plant molecules are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and once things are all divided. So this is Nano Science, which helps us to understand from the very roots that how each element is made and its core is what it is.

And when we can understand Nano Science, we can use it to create something new and it will be called Nano Technology. Because technology comes from science and follows the rules of science, making our everyday life easier is the technology work.

Now let's take a few simple ideas about nanotechnology-what's actually this and how it works. I will not go into any complex discussions, try a simple and straightforward interpretation of all the facts with just a few examples. Well, think of a cloth and suppose we have reached the smallest point of the nanoscale of that cloth, then what can be seen. Yes, of course, we must reach atoms of atomic atoms. There may be a thread from one cotton thread to the other. Now suppose there is a substance that has the power to exclude any fluid. So, if we reach the nanoscale of that substance, we can know the structure of that substance and change the anatomic structure of the cloth with that substance, but what will happen? Then it will be possible to create a cloth which will discard any fluid with water. Suppose your white shirt filled the yellow juice of curry! What is not it boring? But after improving nanotechnology, your shirt will get rid of the buttermilk, meaning that if the shirt sticks in the curry, it will not cause any stains. Hope you're clear about the main subject of Nanotechnology.

Use of Nano Technology

Most of the advantages of Nanotechnology can be seen in the future, but in the future, this technology is helping to change the world in different ways. You might think Nano Technology is a great thing at once and it's a whole new technology-because "technology" means we think of the human technique. But our life itself is a great example of nanotechnology. Our bodies work in proteins, viruses, bacteria, cells, etc. in the form of nanotechnology.

Nano Material

What is Nano Material Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Megautune! Maybe you are using Already Nanotechnology right now. Maybe you wear nanotechnology pants or your shirt is made in nanotechnology. Even from your bed linen to the traveling bug, it is also ready for nanotechnology. Made of nanotechnology, the fibers of the fabric are so fine that dust particles can not stick to it, so the cloth is much less messy. Nanotechnology is used in some branded sunscreen creams, just because the cream is applied to your skin, it only puts titanium oxide or zinc oxide overlay, so it blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Many paintings made in nanotechnology work in this way, so it is more lasting and less corrosion.

Carbon Nano Tubes is the most outstanding Nanomaterial. As a result of its Atomic formation, it turned it into a very strong substance. It is possible to make any taller measurements in fiber drawing.


What is Nano Chip Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Megatube! Micro Electronics is another version of Nanotechnology. Typically the word "micro" is used in microelectronics because its drawing is due to the microscopic scale. But computer scientists have said that if more transistors can be used in the same place, then the size of the computer is smaller and more powerful. That's why today's computers are much smaller, much stronger and cheaper in size. Presently, computer processors are prepared by 100-200 nanometers transistor and the day is being reduced by more size and all of this is possible due to Nanotechnology.

Not just computer processors, but flat screen HD TVs, smartphones, iPads, etc. all have chips installed using Nanotechnology.


Another interesting aspect of Nanotechnology is that it is possible to create a very small machine; From gears, switches, pumps, machines - and completely different atoms. Nanomachines can be made nanorobots, which are called nanobots. Nyanbot can be injected into our body so that it can fight with adverse conditions.

Last word: There is no doubt in this sentence that Nano Technology will rule more in the future. However, there are also some difficulties with the benefits of this technology. For example, nanobots can cause cancer by injecting the human body. Due to the small size of the nanobot, many doctors agree that it can enter the bone with blood, so no one knows what can happen. If you have more information about Nanotechnology and you know more about this technology, please share it with us in the tumément below. If you enjoy the tune and do not forget to share if you benefit.

HTC New Flagship One M9 Phone [Review]

HTC's flagship phones have been able to collect praise from all sides in one direction. And its great design and premium build quality. HTC's new flagship phone HTC One M9, in the Mobile World Congress, which started today in Spain, has been able to maintain the appreciation.

But the HTC's response to the flagship series One One's new phone M9 also has a disappointing side. Basically, the design is the most appreciable aspect of this phone. Other than the previous phone, the number of new phones seems less than the expectation of the difference. The technology website The Verge calls HTC's new phone as 'Beautiful Disappointment'.

How much praise and how much criticism is HTC's new one M9 set? Let's take a look at its hardware specification and feature, then comment on what you like.

Design and display

The HTC One M8, which is widely appreciated by almost all the people of the flower-metal Unibody design, is one of Taiwan's company HTC, which maintains the design and build quality of One M9. Between two generations of phones, so much so that many of the mobile world congresses have incorrectly made HTC One M9 one M8 incorrect.

So fans of HTC One's M8 design, they will be happy to know that the new phones have their favorite designs. However, those who were expecting innovation, HTC has a little disappointed.

HTC One M9 has 5-inch 1080p Full HD resolution display. The gorilla glass 4 protection does not have it. The phone's design is like the M8, but its thickness is more than one M9.


The HTC One will be the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor used in M9. Through this, not only does the speed and good processing of the phone, but also the support for Improved 4 can be found. It also said that it will cost a comparatively less battery. The four core processors will run at 1.5 GHz and four will run at 2.0 GHz. The processor will work based on what is being done on the phone. As a result of low power requirements, low-speed cores will be turned on which the battery will save. And when it is necessary, the more speedcore or all the core together will be activated.

HTC's new flagship phone is being used in more than 3 GB of RAM. It has 32GB internal storage and up to 128 GHz microSD memory card support.

HTC one m9 back:

HTC has left a 4-megapixel front camera for cell-operators, even though the ultra-pixel technology is removed from the back camera. However, many 20-megapixel cameras have expressed their frustration due to the lack of expected quality pictures. When the phone is on the market it can be understood exactly how bad HTC's new phone camera.

HTC one m9 front:

HTC is going to give users some new experiences through their Sense 7 user interface. Android Lollipop's Material Design versus HTC Sense 7's design is not comparable. But Sense 7 has some great benefits. As you take a picture, HTC will automatically create the theme based on the color of that picture. As a result, you can easily change the color of the icons in the color of the wallpaper and the colors of that image.


HTC has dropped the ultra special technology camera from its main or back camera and added a new 20.7-megapixel camera. This camera has the dual-LED facility with HDR, Panorama and the convenience of taking video and photos. However, many websites say that despite a 20.7-megapixel camera, a very good picture does not come in HTC One's M9's camera. However, HTC has said that M9's camera is capable of taking good pictures in a little light.


The battery of 2800 mL Capacity battery used in HTC One M9 This is the battery of one of HTC's phones capacities. It is expected that, due to the power-efficient processor and display, battery back-up of HTC One M9 battery can be easily available for more than one day. But like other things, it will have to wait until the phone comes to market to get practical experience.

Operating system and other

It is compulsory to have Android lollipops on any flagship phone that is currently in the market. Otherwise, it will be one of the negative issues of the phone. HTC has already announced that some older mid-range smartphones, including their old one M8, M7, are also going to get Android Lollipop updates. And the One M9 will start from the beginning of the Android Lollipop based HTC's own user interface in Sense 7.

HTC's new flagship phone will come in the middle of this month. The new smartphone, which could suffer from lack of innovation, made such a preliminary comment. The phone could have a 20-megapixel camera, one of the great advantages, but more megapixels mean that the camera is not true, it is going to prove that HTC's new flagship phone.

However, since HTC One's M9 Consumer Unit has not yet arrived in the market, it is still expected that HTC will complete the last moment's imprint on their cameras. HTC One series has already gained popularity with the design side. It is not difficult for HTC to achieve the rest.

What do you like about HTC One M9?

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What is the Android root?

Here we will discuss about "Android root " The advantages and disadvantages of the root?" And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting Android phone. Why do you use the rooting phone and why or not. There will be discussions related to this here.

What is Android Root?

Android root is a process by which the customer will be able to fully control his phone.Rooting means a special one for the customer. It controls all the programs on the phone. It controls the phone's total windshield.

What to do after Root:

What to do after the root? You can install your favorite mode, kernel, custom ROM. If you want you can install the latest version of Android Lollipop update (like Android 6.0.1 ms).

Root Benefits

You can overlay the CPA and GPA for better performance of your phone. Rooting facilities allow you to update your favorite phone using any type of app.You can also overlap the CPU for your phone's battery life. For this you will be able to re-install your phone's backup, restorative or beach applications separately.In total, you can use the device you want to install and install.

Variations of Rooting from jailbreaking

Many people are cheated by Rooting and jailbreaking. But really, jailbreaking and Rooting are two different things. Concept of two is of two types.Jailbreak is actually applicable to Apple. In this model, jailbroke can modify the operating system (infrared by "locked bootloader").

This allows the customer to use non-approved apps. These features include some models of Android. For example, this type of Sony, Asus and Google models of this type of Android have this feature.Another special feature of this model is that Android models can unlock their devices and even transfer them.

What to do after the Root: 

Make a backup of your phone's current ROM. The easiest way to get a backup is to install a custom recovery.Short recovery is the phone's boot-mode from which you can format the full partition of the phone.


You can update the phone with the file on the memory card.

What are the benefits of Rooting?

What is the use of Rooting because of its extensive

1. Hidden features and installable instagram: You can unlock your phone's inappropriate apps if you wish.

2. Hacking Wi-Fi via Android device: It really is true. If you want to hack your Wi-Fi network with your Android device. Even if you want you can detach any user connected to the network from the network.

"Wi-Fi" is an application for hacking the network.

3. Overlapping your mobile processor: You can speed up your mobile processor. But it is very risky for processors. So enough information should be collected before this.

4. Block Aid From Android Apps: Many of us have many unwanted eds coming to the phones. That's why some customers become the reason for the annoyance. The root application from this annoyance will give you the release.

If you keep the AIDS block on the root, you will get rid of this unwanted trouble. Writing requirements in this regard are very comprehensive.

5. Increase your device's RAM: Rooting Increases the density of your device's data by decreasing the disaster. Rooting will allow you to get this feature on your Android.

6. Different types of ROMs, Moods, Kernel: If you wish, you can install various ROMs and Moods. However, this can be done only when the Rooting device is installed.Android is a great app as a mobile device and is universally scheduled.

7. Underlocked CPI for Battery's Boost Life: You can keep your CPU underlocked for more durability of your phone's battery.

Difficulties of Rooting:

1. Bricking: Rooting is a dredged word. If it is installed, you can not use any big software on your phone. If you use it for any business purpose, you will not benefit from it.Even if it is in the eyes of the authorities, you may have to pay a fine for it. There is no benefit to any major business or business work.

2. What is the purpose of mobile Root: With the use of this, your phone's warranty will end because you will not be able to show it to the authorities later. Even if you stop this Rooting, warranty will not be beneficial.

Because, once the root is installed, its device is no longer the same. So with the use of it you have to forget about your warranty.

3. Security Risk: Rooting will cause your phone to go into security rackets. Because your default settings will be changed with the Rooting installation.

So its security will not be the same as before.

As a result, your phone will be in a security condition. And depending on your phone there may be a lot of big problems that you might not even imagine.

So, we need to make clear ideas about what to do with mobile Root. Because otherwise, due to ignorance many big problems can be caused. You can not even imagine what you do.

But its advantages for personal use are also extensive. Which other app can not give you.

Many times our small mistakes forget big tragedies. We do not get much updates because we do not know many times, we are following in the analog world.
So it is important to have a clear idea of ​​how to Root mobile Roots. Share this discussion to increase awareness. Thank you for staying with us.

Note: We use Android phones that have three types of ROMs on our phones:

1.stock rom

2. Custom ROMs Custom ROMs To be updated on your phone, your phone must be Rootd.

3. Cyanogenmod

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

At a Glance Mobile World Congress2018: New Smartphone Announcement!

At a Glance Mobile World Congress2018: New Smartphone Announcement:

Mobile World Congress or MWC is not very interested in the people of our Bangladesh and has never been. It is normal for the people of Bangladesh to speak the truth. The reason is that there are fewer devices in the smartphone market and gadgets which are either annexed or show off. However, if you are a technocrat and are more interested in smartphones and computing devices, you must know every year about the world's largest mobile show in the city of Barcelona in Spain or in the mobile exhibit event.

This event was held in Barcelona last week. Different smartphone and laptop makers announce their new smartphones and gadgets and show off here. In this event, the competition among the various famous phone makers begins to see who is more advanced than the technology world. However, let's not talk further, let's know what new annexes have been done in Mobile World Congress2018.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:

Speaking about this year's Mobile World Congress, the first two Samsung flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus, which two people announces this year at Mobile World Congress To call this phone in short, we have to say that the design of this phone is similar to last year's Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Fingerprint Sensor this year is not the last year's model, rather than on the camera, in an inauspicious place. The cameras have been placed below all other smartphones. The rest of the design is almost the same. Besides, Samsung also brings good improvements in the hardware section. Hardware Improvements includes new Snapdragon 845 chipset and Adreno 630 GPU.

Whereas Samsung has focused on all this year, the camera is the focus. The S9 Plus has dual camera setup, there is also a variable aperture that allows smartphone cameras to change their liking as desired. Also, the S9 and S9 Plus can do 4K 60 FPS video capture, and can also capture ultra slow motion video in 960 frames per second (720p resolution), which can literally play a 0.6 second video in Slow Motion for 10 seconds. Besides this year Samsung has also brought a feature to create live emoji using front camera, called AR Emoji.

Vivo Apex:

If you are in Bangladesh, then maybe you will not recognize this smartphone brand well. However, in the Indian market, the brand has a good position in the populary side. This year, VISCO showcased the CES 2015 held in Las Vegas last year, the world's first underglassed fingerprint sensor smartphone built by them.But this year at the Mobile World Congress, Vivo has turned off the show.

This year Vivo has shown the smartphone that they made Vivo Apex. This smartphone is a trulley baseless smartphone. So far no matter how many manufacturers use a basellex smartphone as a smartphone, they have never been able to create a full baselage device. That's basically vivo. There is nothing like a Bizzle or Extra Space or iPhone X on the left, bottom, right, left, this smartphone built on Vivo. It is almost a display of full baseles. As a result, the Vivo phone camera has inserted the phone on top of the phone inside the phone, which will come out of the photo when it takes a photo, just as we imagined about the baseless smartphone a few years ago. Of course, this smartphone also has an under-glass fingerprint sensor which is embedded below the phone's display. And interestingly, half of this phone will be able to work as a fingerprint sensor.

Nokia Smartphone (Nokia 1, 8 Sirocco, 7+, New 8810):

HMD Global was probably the most excited about the Mobile World Congress. Because, they did not do this year, but four smartphones were announces Mobile World congress. Firstly they have annexed Nokia One smartphone which is a very basic smartphone Basically, it's a low-end smartphone that runs Google's new Android OS version, which is built for low-end smartphones. This phone is so low that the mediatech processor and 1GB RAM So you can understand what type of user it is targeting.

They also had annexed their last year's flagship smartphone, a new addition to Nokia 8, which is named Nokia 8 Sirocco Edition. As expected, this phone has last year's high end hardware (Snapdragon 835 and Adreno 540), more impressive stunning designs and build quality, dual camera setup etc. In addition to the improvement, the front glass of this phone is both curved, like the Galaxy S7. There will also be IP 67 Water Resistance and Android One. It is basically the first flagship smartphone under the Android's Android One.

This year, Nokia Announces another Android One smartphone, Nokia 7 Plus. It's basically an ultra-midrange smartphone. The design of this phone is like the Sirocco Edison of Nokia 8. The camera of this phone is also similar to Sirocco Edison of Nokia 8, that means the same camera has been used. Although Super Midrange is a smartphone, it has a number of impressive flagship level features. Such as 18: 9 display, slim bazel, Snapdragon 660 processor, enough powerful, Carl Jassis sensor, 16 megapixel selphi camera, stock android etc. If my smartphone comes to the market in Bangladesh and costs between 30 thousand rupees, then this will be the best smartphone budget of 30 thousand rupees.

The most interesting fact is that HMD Global has released another phone this year, which was originally an Improv version of the Nokia 8810 phone many years ago, as it did with Nokia 3310. The interesting thing is that the design of this phone really looks like a collar. So much so that since the annexation of this phone, we got more contact with the name of the phone. This phone contains a foldable long display which does not have foldable part two, three. This phone also uses the same software as the new version of Nokia 3310, but the little Improved version Because this phone has the opportunity to use dedicated Android apps such as Google, Google Maps, Google Assistant etc. There are also Nokia's famous snake games. There are also 4G network support.

Sony Xperia XZ2:

Soni is actually a conspirator as a smartphone maker. Yet, Sony tried almost every year to touch the mobile market somewhat. Sony's smartphone is not bad, it's not. But compared to other flashaship smartphones, Sony's smartphones are a bit backdated and boring from the design side. However, this year, Sony Mobile World congress has announces their Xperia XZ's Saxaser, XZ to

Finally, the Sony Sony smartphone reached the 18: 9 display with this smartphone. But the display of this smartphone is not even close to other flagship smartphones competitor. There is no curved corner, there is no baseless display, there is no infinity display like Samsung, there is no cut out like iPhone X and there is no feature of fancy. Sony has not compromised on behalf of the hardware. This phone has the latest Snapdragon 845 processor and Adreno 630 GPU. And since the company is Sony, the focus will be on the camera, this is normal. Like the Galaxy S, this smartphone can also have Slow Motion videos at 960 FPS, but in the 1080p resolution, where S9 is the maximum 720p resolution. There are also no noticeable new camera features.

So this was the main few endorsements or announces of the mobile world congress. In addition, many other manufacturers have released a lot of new smartphones. For example, Alcatel, ZTE etc. In addition, several laptops and Chromebooks were also annunated in the Mobile World Congress this year. Huawei and Lenovo also announces some new laptops and Chromebooks.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Run Android App in Llinux distro !

You know, Android is made up of Linux; But even then Linux apps do not have an Android app, and Android software does not have any separate software for Android. See Linux but not an operating system, it is a kernel, that means if someone says "I have installed Linux on my computer", then the operating system installed on his computer works on the Linux kernel. The kernel is essential for every operating system. The kernel mainly helps to establish relationships between system software and hardware. This means Linux is the core of the Linux-based operating system.

There are some more things in Linux Linux, such as Linux software that has its own environment for running and X graphical servers. Other Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, etc, have a separate software installed without the Linux kernel. Desktop interfaces are available on various Linux Distributions to install GNOME In GNOME Desktop Inverters. Android is true on Linux, but it does not have the environment to use desktop software, and Android itself works on virtual machines, which is why it runs on Linux but runs the Java software without running Linux software.

Installed shashlik :

Sassal is basically an Android emulator; The Linux Desktop provides users with the ability to run the Android APK in their system. First, download the package from the official link of the Saslik. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian, then download the .deb extension file, and using different DDRs, AUR package will work well for you. If you are an Ubuntu user, you can install the package by typing the following command from the terminal.

sudo dpkg -i shashlik_0.9.3.deb

 In this case, the software will be installed on your computer as well as the emulator. Now you have to download the file from any site on the Android APK, which you want to run on the computer. If you want, you can download the APK mirror from the Android app file. Now you have to open the Terminal again to install the file on your computer, the command will show the location of the file in your APK file and put it in a folder on your system; "/ Opt / shashlik/bin / shashlik-install name_of_apk_file"

In this case, the software will be installed on your computer as well as the emulator. Now you have to download the file from any site on the Android APK, which you want to run on the computer. If you want, you can download the APK mirror from the Android app file. Now you have to open the Terminal again to install the file on your computer, the command will show the location of the file in your APK file and put it in a folder on your system; "/ Opt / shashlik/bin / shashlik-install name_of_apk_file"...

So diameter, this is how you can install and run an app. But after installing the app you can also find and run Android apps from your computer's app menu. Anyway, you learn from this tune, how to run an app using the command. If you want to uninstall an app, there is no uninstalling function, but /.local/share/applications delete all the files in the app from this location and the app will be uninstalled. After deleting the data, the app will disappear from the App menu.

Just like a child can not walk directly on the same date, the same version of the first version is not a stable version for the first time. Sasalike also lacks many features. But the most important feature of this is missing the app in landscape mode. Hi there, you can do this if you order a little bit, let's teach you! Open your file manager in admin permissions and open the "" file with the text editor / opt / shashlik / bin. Find out "-no skin" and save it by editing any resolutions in "-skin 480 × 320". Now when you open the Next Time App, the app will be open in your resume.

Linux has many more options to run Android apps. Genymotion, Andro VM, Andy OS, Official Android SDK, Jar of Beans - many popular and many of them provide many powerful features. If you want, we will write a detailed post about how to run the Android app using the software in the next article. If you have problems using Salal to install or install a problem, then let me know.

Image Credit: Pexels.Com

How To Solve Your Home Router's Vertical Problem!

Just like the electricity we need, the internet has become our basic demand. Especially broadband internet If we live in the city or if there is the facility of internet broadband, then we all get an internet connection at our home or office. Once the connection is auctioned, diameter! Then worry about the internet. However, whenever there is a problem with the Internet, then we have to throw the bang. As there is electricity in our home, when we have electricity, but we do not understand the power of electricity, and when the electricity goes away, when load-shedding starts, we become vigilant for electricity. The same story of those of us who have WiFi connections and broadband connections on their home. As long as the router is okay, we do not think the Internet is running, just when there is a problem with the Internet connection, the problem begins with our problems.

Mainly, due to various problems with the home router, the Internet is disturbed. For many reasons, our normal WiFi Router / Wireless Router / Broadband Router is not included, they stop working for some reason; And by doing this we do not get the internet straightforward. However, there is nothing to worry about, there are various problems such as router - just the solution.

Internet problem? But did not restart the router? Restart your router right now. Only router restart or reboot solves the problem of many network-related problems. And so, why are many problems resolved by restarting the router? I can read the previous article. And you can get a little more sense about the router's work.

No internet connection?

Suddenly in your browser no internet connection? It's going to be okay after a while? It's a common problem. I have been with This problem occurs in Sankaran. In many cases, due to the systemic fault of your router or the modem, it may turn off for a few minutes, maybe some of the problems of the Internet connection problems. And to get an instant solution, open the router or the power plug of the modem for 30 seconds. Then connect again.

But it is not always the router and the problem of the modem. In many cases, if ISP's broadband service in your area is outgrown, or if the ISP service is less powerful than the user, then there is a problem. In this case, you have nothing to do, whatever your ISP has to say about it. And due to this problem of ISP, there is a connection dropping problem.

Internet speed slow? 

Is Your Internet Speed Slow Before? But connect your computer or laptop to the Ethernet cable from the WiFi connection, if you get the same speed, then check your internet speed from Now even if your speed shows less than before; So this is not your router's problem, it's the problem of your ISP or Internet Service Provider. So please contact them fast.

If ISP is not a problem, then the internet speed slow! But you can change the router's channel NetSpot is a free software for Windows and Mac that lets you see the surrounding wireless networks, which actually overlaps the router with the surrounding network and by doing this the internet speed becomes slow. And as a solution, you can change the router's channel.

WiFi signal is not going to all the houses?

The WiFi is a kind of radio wave and it spreads waves around it. You have set up the router in the corner room of your home, making it router halfway in your home and the other half is covering your house from the corner house to the outside of the house. And if you want, the router will cover all the rooms equally, but you set it in the middle of the house.

Again, if there are more router nearby, there is a problem of overloading the single and thereby reducing coverage. So if you want your router to perform best, but it will be safe, there is no other WiFi connection nearby. The problem is that your router and other router are about the same configuration. And if you can buy dual band router, use that band of 2.4 or 5 (2.4 GHz Vs 5 GHz) will get good speed at your home.

Problems connecting to wireless devices?

Router's WiFi does not connect to the device when it is connected to a wireless device. And it's a common problem. For this, firstly connect the computer or laptop with the router with Ethernet cable, see if the connection is correct. If the connection to the Ethernet cable is OK, the router's WiFi problem. In this case, first, try to reboot the router whether the problem is correct.

Then, if not right then open the router again, open another SSID with the new name password. If the problem is not fixed, then reconfigure the router reset again. If the problem persists after resetting, but bad news for you. Your router's hiatus is decreasing. Buy new router to get good service

Here are some of the common problems that we have with us even mentioned. Hope the article will be useful to you though. Although it is not possible to solve all problems from a single article, after that you can comment on your problem, I will try to solve it.