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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to Improve Laptop's Battery Life!

We all have noticed that most of the laptops do not have much battery life so laptops are promised during the purchase of battery life or laptops add-on. Yes, especially battery life-focused laptops are also available in the market, but they are not very popular and do not use it all unless the battery life becomes the main factor in buying laptops.

If you follow some tips, you may not get much of your regular laptop's battery life even though you have a hardware problem with your laptop's battery. I will discuss these issues today, following which you will be able to immobilize the laptop's battery life.

Use the Battery Performance Slider

If you have used the latest Spring Creators update of Windows 10, then this laptop already has this feature on your laptop. When you click on the battery icon in the Windows taskbar, you will see a slider where you can adjust the slider according to your needs and optimize your laptop for best battery life or best performance. What most laptop users do, is to always select the best performance of this slider and get the best performance. There you have to write that if you want the best performance, you will have to do a lot of battery life on the laptop, and if you want the best battery life, then you have to perform some performance certifies.

Use airplane mode as needed

Those who use Android phones or iPhones or any other modern phone, they are all familiar with airplane mode or flight mode. In Airplane mode, all incoming and outgoing wireless communications will be disabled. That means all wireless communications of mobile networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. will be disabled. Because of this, a lot of smartphones are saved in the battery, when the charge in your battery is about to the end.

Find out more battery-drained apps

You all know that some of the apps installed on your laptop in Windows 10 are draining the battery. You can check the default settings menu in Windows 10 like Android and iPhone. From here, with the help of the progress bar indicator, you can see which apps and programs are driving your laptop's battery. Try to use apps that are draining the battery a little bit. Apart from this, clicking on all the app's name will get some advanced options, including the option to disable all background activation of the selected app. If you do not always need the app and do not need Constantly Background Notification from the app, then you can turn off background activity of your less-needed apps, which will help you to optimize your laptop's battery life a little more.

Adjust the graphics and display settings

If you use the latest build of Windows 10 and your laptop has a high-performance GPU as well as an integrated GPU, then you can set it to yourself as a specific GPT for any particular app you want. You can get this set when you go from the settings menu in Windows 10 to the Advanced Options Graphics Settings option. You have to select here that you want to use an integrated Intel Saving Intel HD GPU while using an app and want to use high-performance Nvidia or AMD GPU when using an app.

If you use an integrated GPU, you can save a lot of battery. For example, you set the settings in such a way that when you use the photos app or use the video player, or use the Microsoft Office program, the Integrated Power Saving GPU will be used, since these are not an integral task. And while doing other intensive tasks such as using Photoshop or Illustrator or while playing games, high-performance GPU will be used. In this way, if you adjust your display and graphics, you can prominently notice a significant amount of battery life.

Use the External Battery Pack

Currently, the smartphone is used but the phone user who does not use the extra battery pack or power bank cannot be found. High-end Smartphone users use Extra Power Bank since the battery backup budget of high-end smartphones is not as good as smartphones. It is also true for high end or mid-end laptops. If your laptop's battery backup is not very good then what you can do is keep an extra battery for your laptop, while traveling or at a time where the laptop cannot be freely charged. A battery can always keep the flower charge so that it can be used when needed.

Apart from what you can do, you can have a high-end power backup, which we call Power Bank. Generally, power banks of 20,000 or more millionaire capacities are able to offer a fair amount of charge to your laptop as well as smartphones. In addition, there are modern USB ports on almost all laptops, which allow Power Bank to connect to laptops and charges easily. This is the most practical and most perfect solution for improving laptop battery backup.

Friday, August 3, 2018

How To Solve Your Home Router's Vertical Problem!

Just like the electricity we need, the internet has become our basic demand. Especially broadband internet If we live in the city or if there is the facility of internet broadband, then we all get an internet connection at our home or office. Once the connection is auctioned, diameter! Then worry about the internet. However, whenever there is a problem with the Internet, then we have to throw the bang. As there is electricity in our home, when we have electricity, but we do not understand the power of electricity, and when the electricity goes away, when load-shedding starts, we become vigilant for electricity. The same story of those of us who have WiFi connections and broadband connections on their home. As long as the router is okay, we do not think the Internet is running, just when there is a problem with the Internet connection, the problem begins with our problems.

Mainly, due to various problems with the home router, the Internet is disturbed. For many reasons, our normal WiFi Router / Wireless Router / Broadband Router is not included, they stop working for some reason; And by doing this we do not get the internet straightforward. However, there is nothing to worry about, there are various problems such as router - just the solution.

Internet problem? But did not restart the router? Restart your router right now. Only router restart or reboot solves the problem of many network-related problems. And so, why are many problems resolved by restarting the router? I can read the previous article. And you can get a little more sense about the router's work.

No internet connection?

Suddenly in your browser no internet connection? It's going to be okay after a while? It's a common problem. I have been with This problem occurs in Sankaran. In many cases, due to the systemic fault of your router or the modem, it may turn off for a few minutes, maybe some of the problems of the Internet connection problems. And to get an instant solution, open the router or the power plug of the modem for 30 seconds. Then connect again.

But it is not always the router and the problem of the modem. In many cases, if ISP's broadband service in your area is outgrown, or if the ISP service is less powerful than the user, then there is a problem. In this case, you have nothing to do, whatever your ISP has to say about it. And due to this problem of ISP, there is a connection dropping problem.

Internet speed slow? 

Is Your Internet Speed Slow Before? But connect your computer or laptop to the Ethernet cable from the WiFi connection, if you get the same speed, then check your internet speed from Now even if your speed shows less than before; So this is not your router's problem, it's the problem of your ISP or Internet Service Provider. So please contact them fast.

If ISP is not a problem, then the internet speed slow! But you can change the router's channel NetSpot is a free software for Windows and Mac that lets you see the surrounding wireless networks, which actually overlaps the router with the surrounding network and by doing this the internet speed becomes slow. And as a solution, you can change the router's channel.

WiFi signal is not going to all the houses?

The WiFi is a kind of radio wave and it spreads waves around it. You have set up the router in the corner room of your home, making it router halfway in your home and the other half is covering your house from the corner house to the outside of the house. And if you want, the router will cover all the rooms equally, but you set it in the middle of the house.

Again, if there are more router nearby, there is a problem of overloading the single and thereby reducing coverage. So if you want your router to perform best, but it will be safe, there is no other WiFi connection nearby. The problem is that your router and other router are about the same configuration. And if you can buy dual band router, use that band of 2.4 or 5 (2.4 GHz Vs 5 GHz) will get good speed at your home.

Problems connecting to wireless devices?

Router's WiFi does not connect to the device when it is connected to a wireless device. And it's a common problem. For this, firstly connect the computer or laptop with the router with Ethernet cable, see if the connection is correct. If the connection to the Ethernet cable is OK, the router's WiFi problem. In this case, first, try to reboot the router whether the problem is correct.

Then, if not right then open the router again, open another SSID with the new name password. If the problem is not fixed, then reconfigure the router reset again. If the problem persists after resetting, but bad news for you. Your router's hiatus is decreasing. Buy new router to get good service

Here are some of the common problems that we have with us even mentioned. Hope the article will be useful to you though. Although it is not possible to solve all problems from a single article, after that you can comment on your problem, I will try to solve it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to Fast Windows 10

There is no doubt that Windows PC or laptop users are concerned that PC slowing down and weakening PC performance over time. If you use a lot of high-end PCs, you will also get into this problem over time. Occasionally those who do a much more intensive task on the PC, their PC becomes so slow over time that it almost goes to uncommon levels. Maybe it moves to a point that the PC takes 5-7 minutes to boot up. You may not try to fix slow down the problem with this time of the PC, but you can certainly reduce the amount of this problem by following some tips. If you follow these tips, maybe your PC will not be 100% fast and responsive for the first day, but on the first day of PC, there will definitely be a lot of improvement in PC's Overall Smoothness and Response.

Use SSD:

It is the same as the precondition for keeping PCs fast and responsive. Use an SSD as well as a Traditional Hard Drive on your PC. The SSD's full meaning is the Solid State Drive. You can tell it to a special type of hard drive that has more speed than any normal hard drive. As a result, the cost of SSD is much higher than the normal hard drive. If the SSD transfer speed is too high, if you use it on a PC and install it in Windows SSD, you will get many fast boot times and more fast and responsive performance. If you use SSD, you can notice sky-space differences between PC performance. Do not discuss the details of SSD here today.

Always keep Windows  up to date:

This thing is inclined here because Windows users in our country ignore this item the most. Windows Update should never be ignored. Because, Windows updates do not only add new features but rather they overload the OS's overlap performance and perform stability improvement, which is called Under the Hood Improvement. After installing Windows once and after the Windows update disables all the time, their system is the slowest of all. Even I will say, if you install Windows on your PC, your first task should be to update Windows. As a result, you will also get all the security patches and feature improvement updates so that all the under-the-day updates will make your system more stable and relaxed.

Uninstall unneeded programs:

If you are more like most Windows users, then you have to install thousands of programs or software on the PC, in which there is no one except the ones mentioned in the open and never see it open. This should never be done if you are worried about PC performance. Only install those programs that you need to install. Uninstall programs that you never know will never open. Because, maybe those programs have always opened a process in the background, which is affecting your PC's performance, or inexplicably causing your little memory to be wasted. To find out and uninstall it, Better. And better to use a dedicated Uninstaller program like IObit Uninstaller to uninstall. Because it allows you to uninstall Windows preloaded bloatware programs that are not normally uninstalled. If you use it, then uninstalling each program will ensure that all the registry entries created by it are also cleared.

Disable the background program:

You probably did not know that many of Windows 10's built-in programs always run in the background, even under your eyes. Until they are disabling them from the background, their process continues in the background. For example, camera applications, calculator applications, etc. There are many types of processes that do not need to be kept in your background. These programs and processes have used your CPU and memory simultaneously. So, among these programs, you do not need to continue in the background, then you think that you have disbursed them. To disable, go to your PC's settings menu and go to the Privacy option and from there, do not need to continue with the background apps in Background Apps.

Disable unnecessary startup programs:

If you are more like most of the Windows users, then you also download all the programs and software you want and then use them to think about anything else. But many people have not noticed that many of these programs are open with your system bootup, which does not need to be open during system startup. These programs and their processes increase your PC's boot time a lot by opening up your system boot up time. Which makes your PC take longer than usual. Disabling these startup programs will give you more fast boot time. To disable the startup program, open the Task Manager and go to the Startup tab and disable the programs you think do not need to be open during system bootup.

Use Disk Defrag:

Many people do not have too many ideas about this issue. Disk Defragment is an issue that optimizes your hard drive or almost all internal PC drives so that they are not fragmented. If the disk is fragmented, your drive's transfer speed may be slow and if your C drive is fragmented, then the performance of your PC will be worse with the time. So a few days later, you need to optimize your drives using the Disk Defrag tool. Simply go to your Windows Start menu and type Disk Defragger, then you will get a default tool named Windows Defragment and Optimize Drives. By opening this tool you can optimize all the drives on your PC. And I would like to reconsider this task soon afterward.

So these are some of the tips that follow, your Windows PC performance will be very impressive. If you are not very impressive, you'll get performance as the first day if you follow these tips on the very first day when Windows is installed. Here's the end of today Hope you like today's article. If there are any questions or opinions, please tell in the comments section.

Monday, October 23, 2017

10 Tricks to Master Google Photos

You must download the mobile app for a few additional peace of mind. Google Photos offers actually the unlimited backup of all the photos (and videos) you're taking. every single one. The caveat: they need to be but sixteen megapixels to qualify for the unlimited storage. you're allowed to transfer larger image.But Google converts them on the fly to sixteen megapixels. (It downgrades video shot on top of 1080p.)

There is conjointly associate choice to transfer pictures at "original" size. If you decide that, pictures don't seem to be born-again, however, they count against your assigned 15GB of online storage with Google, that is shared with Gmail, Google Drive, and alternative Google services. (Naturally, you'll be able to pay Google to induce a lot of storage at $2 per month for 100GB additional or $10 per month for 1TB.)

Google Photos took place by salvaging the most effective a part of the Google+ social network that nobody wished to us the exposure storage and sharing. Sadly for a few, Google Photos conjointly replaced our former Editors' alternative exposure computer code Picasa, the desktop program that Google nonheritable manner back in 2004. If you used the Picasa net Albums for any online storage, all of your pictures are shunted to Google Photos. you'll be able to still use the Picasa Desktop computer code if you've got it; however it's going to ne'er get the associate update, nor are you able to get support from Google if you've got a haul. It's in all probability time to let it go.

1.Show a Slideshow

Go into any album of pictures and show it as a slideshow, that is particularly nice after you combine your device with a Chromecast on a giant TV. On the online or humanoid, faucet the ellipsis/three-dot menu ( at the higher right). choose Slideshow and they will show so as.

 2.Change Your View

Pinching or increasing your 2 fingers on one image to center or out is normal. Google Photos permits you to amendment the design of the complete mobile app by pinching, therefore you'll be able to zoom from "comfortable read" all the solution to the by-year view, with stops at days and months in between. or simply use the menu to travel in and alter the read. Pinch outward on one image to zoom it into reading for written material.

3.Upload Videos on YouTube

Shooting plenty of video on your phone and simply want you may place them on your YouTube channel all at once? It will happen. Since all of your videos auto-upload alongside pictures to Google Photos, that half is simple. Next, visit your YouTube transfer page and click on the button to import video from Google Photos. Once they are prepared, come in and provides them a title and a few tags.

4.Upload different pictures

On AN humanoid device, Google Photos can naturally grab pictures to transfer from your main footage folder. Tell it to travel deeper, into the folders for apps like WhatsApp and Instagram and a lot of. Enter Google Photos >;  >; Settings >; copy & correct >; copy device Folders. Click it and you will see different folders from that you can/should grab pictures to copy mechanically. Access those folders any time by exploitation the hamburger menu ( at the higher left) and choose "Device Folders."

5.Hide Your Location

Images enamored nearly any device lately, particularly smartphones, have countless location information. Google Photos uses that to actively map wherever your pics were taken. that is a pleasant feature, however typically after you share a picture, you'll not need the person on the receiving finish to grasp specifically wherever the pic was taken. The workaround: visit and check "Remove geolocation in things shared by the link." Then, after you generate a link to share a picture, the one that sees the image at that link will not get any geo-data. (This does not work if you share by different suggests that like social media.)

6.Quick choose Pics

Hold your finger on an image to pick out, then simply begin dragging your finger and every one the photographs you bit are elect. that creates it plenty easier to delete or move a bunch of photos during a batch or use them with the special tools like making animations, movies, or collages.

7.Convert pictures Already Uploaded to avoid wasting area

If you have been uploading pictures with the backup possibility set to "Original" and also the pictures are over sixteen megapixels, then you are depletion your free online storage allotment from Google. However, you'll be able to switch the setting back to "High Quality" (so Google mechanically shifts pictures transfer to sixteen megapixels if they are bigger) and convert all the pictures you've got already uploaded right down to sixteen megapixels.

On a desktop, visit and click on the RECOVER STORAGE button. don't be concerned regarding this if you do not have a tool that takes pictures larger than sixteen megapixels (even iPhone seven is restricted to twelve megapixels). This additionally does not impact pictures you've got the hold on Google Drive.But it'll convert pictures larger than sixteen megapixels you have got uploaded on Blogger, Google Maps and Panoramio, Google+, and Google Hangouts.

8.Apply identical Edits to Multiple Shots

If you've got formed the edits on one image, you'll be able to apply it to a bunch of them. On the desktop, consider the amended image, visit the overflow/three vertical dots menu and choose Copy Edits. On the remainder of the pictures, use the identical menu to stick Edits. you'll be able to additionally simply use the copy/paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, respectively). this is not AN possibility on the mobile apps til now.

9.Create Collages, Animations, and Movies

Don't be frightened of that Google Photos section known as Assistant. It shows you "cards" of suggestions, like creating collages of photos that are similar, even creating animations of pictures during a series. Swipe them off the screen if you do not need what is in every card.

You don't get to accept simply Google's auto-creation. Click the buttons at high to make your own Album, Shared Album, Collage, Animation (and on the mobile apps, Movie), and currently Photobooks (see below).

For instance, the moving-picture show choice: click a bunch that you just need, decide some music from your library or the pre-set library Google provides (including songs like "Ride of the Valkyries"), and let the app produce a fun very little moving-picture show for you to share. you'll be able to continuously return to the moving-picture show later and add or cipher pictures, amendment the audio recording, or perhaps apply a filter. (Weirdly, you cannot send it directly to YouTube.)

If you actually hate the Assistant and simply need the storage, you'll be able to shut down the suggestions at beneath Assistant Cards >; Creations, or severally within the mobile apps via Settings > Assistant Cards >; Creations.

10.Auto-Upload From mackintosh or Windows

The Google automobile Uploader for Photos desktop app goes away as of March twelve, 2018, and can get replaced by the new Google Backup and correct, that is additionally replacement the Google Drive program for Windows and macOS.

Back and correct can correct your Google Drive documents to the computer also as videos and pictures—and it will copy any and every one of them from the computer to Google Photos mechanically. Backup and correct additionally supports the top quality transfer possibility on photos in the order that they will not count against your Google storage allotment.

You can continuously still transfer photos and vids severally or during a batch by dragging them to the Google Photos web site, too. you'll be able to additionally drag them into the Google Photos folder found on Google Drive, for that matter. flip it on via Drive's Settings.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How to Download All Pictures and Videos from Google Photos

Are you looking for an easy or short way to download all of your google photos or videos? I think you are the right place to know how to download all of your pictures and videos. Maybe you wanna backup locally or something else.

In this case, there is a simple way to download all of your Google photos and videos. If you need to download all of your albums, it is easier to download manually from your google photos. So that you can properly use all of your google photos. People usually use it to store their private photos or videos or backup their all moments. Its so hard to lost our photos which we captured. We don't want to lose our any photos. So we can use google photos.

I have talked so much now lets start.

First, click on any album. Then you will see three vertical drops at the right corner. You will see an option which called Download all 

If you clicked on the download all option it will download all of the photos and videos in zip format. You have to use Google photos app on your mobile or tablet to download with this method. Otherwise, you can't download your full album by this method.

If you have any problem to understand then comment below. I will try my best to help you.
Thank you.