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Monday, August 6, 2018

HTC New Flagship One M9 Phone [Review]

HTC's flagship phones have been able to collect praise from all sides in one direction. And its great design and premium build quality. HTC's new flagship phone HTC One M9, in the Mobile World Congress, which started today in Spain, has been able to maintain the appreciation.

But the HTC's response to the flagship series One One's new phone M9 also has a disappointing side. Basically, the design is the most appreciable aspect of this phone. Other than the previous phone, the number of new phones seems less than the expectation of the difference. The technology website The Verge calls HTC's new phone as 'Beautiful Disappointment'.

How much praise and how much criticism is HTC's new one M9 set? Let's take a look at its hardware specification and feature, then comment on what you like.

Design and display

The HTC One M8, which is widely appreciated by almost all the people of the flower-metal Unibody design, is one of Taiwan's company HTC, which maintains the design and build quality of One M9. Between two generations of phones, so much so that many of the mobile world congresses have incorrectly made HTC One M9 one M8 incorrect.

So fans of HTC One's M8 design, they will be happy to know that the new phones have their favorite designs. However, those who were expecting innovation, HTC has a little disappointed.

HTC One M9 has 5-inch 1080p Full HD resolution display. The gorilla glass 4 protection does not have it. The phone's design is like the M8, but its thickness is more than one M9.


The HTC One will be the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor used in M9. Through this, not only does the speed and good processing of the phone, but also the support for Improved 4 can be found. It also said that it will cost a comparatively less battery. The four core processors will run at 1.5 GHz and four will run at 2.0 GHz. The processor will work based on what is being done on the phone. As a result of low power requirements, low-speed cores will be turned on which the battery will save. And when it is necessary, the more speedcore or all the core together will be activated.

HTC's new flagship phone is being used in more than 3 GB of RAM. It has 32GB internal storage and up to 128 GHz microSD memory card support.

HTC one m9 back:

HTC has left a 4-megapixel front camera for cell-operators, even though the ultra-pixel technology is removed from the back camera. However, many 20-megapixel cameras have expressed their frustration due to the lack of expected quality pictures. When the phone is on the market it can be understood exactly how bad HTC's new phone camera.

HTC one m9 front:

HTC is going to give users some new experiences through their Sense 7 user interface. Android Lollipop's Material Design versus HTC Sense 7's design is not comparable. But Sense 7 has some great benefits. As you take a picture, HTC will automatically create the theme based on the color of that picture. As a result, you can easily change the color of the icons in the color of the wallpaper and the colors of that image.


HTC has dropped the ultra special technology camera from its main or back camera and added a new 20.7-megapixel camera. This camera has the dual-LED facility with HDR, Panorama and the convenience of taking video and photos. However, many websites say that despite a 20.7-megapixel camera, a very good picture does not come in HTC One's M9's camera. However, HTC has said that M9's camera is capable of taking good pictures in a little light.


The battery of 2800 mL Capacity battery used in HTC One M9 This is the battery of one of HTC's phones capacities. It is expected that, due to the power-efficient processor and display, battery back-up of HTC One M9 battery can be easily available for more than one day. But like other things, it will have to wait until the phone comes to market to get practical experience.

Operating system and other

It is compulsory to have Android lollipops on any flagship phone that is currently in the market. Otherwise, it will be one of the negative issues of the phone. HTC has already announced that some older mid-range smartphones, including their old one M8, M7, are also going to get Android Lollipop updates. And the One M9 will start from the beginning of the Android Lollipop based HTC's own user interface in Sense 7.

HTC's new flagship phone will come in the middle of this month. The new smartphone, which could suffer from lack of innovation, made such a preliminary comment. The phone could have a 20-megapixel camera, one of the great advantages, but more megapixels mean that the camera is not true, it is going to prove that HTC's new flagship phone.

However, since HTC One's M9 Consumer Unit has not yet arrived in the market, it is still expected that HTC will complete the last moment's imprint on their cameras. HTC One series has already gained popularity with the design side. It is not difficult for HTC to achieve the rest.

What do you like about HTC One M9?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

At a Glance Mobile World Congress2018: New Smartphone Announcement!

At a Glance Mobile World Congress2018: New Smartphone Announcement:

Mobile World Congress or MWC is not very interested in the people of our Bangladesh and has never been. It is normal for the people of Bangladesh to speak the truth. The reason is that there are fewer devices in the smartphone market and gadgets which are either annexed or show off. However, if you are a technocrat and are more interested in smartphones and computing devices, you must know every year about the world's largest mobile show in the city of Barcelona in Spain or in the mobile exhibit event.

This event was held in Barcelona last week. Different smartphone and laptop makers announce their new smartphones and gadgets and show off here. In this event, the competition among the various famous phone makers begins to see who is more advanced than the technology world. However, let's not talk further, let's know what new annexes have been done in Mobile World Congress2018.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:

Speaking about this year's Mobile World Congress, the first two Samsung flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus, which two people announces this year at Mobile World Congress To call this phone in short, we have to say that the design of this phone is similar to last year's Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Fingerprint Sensor this year is not the last year's model, rather than on the camera, in an inauspicious place. The cameras have been placed below all other smartphones. The rest of the design is almost the same. Besides, Samsung also brings good improvements in the hardware section. Hardware Improvements includes new Snapdragon 845 chipset and Adreno 630 GPU.

Whereas Samsung has focused on all this year, the camera is the focus. The S9 Plus has dual camera setup, there is also a variable aperture that allows smartphone cameras to change their liking as desired. Also, the S9 and S9 Plus can do 4K 60 FPS video capture, and can also capture ultra slow motion video in 960 frames per second (720p resolution), which can literally play a 0.6 second video in Slow Motion for 10 seconds. Besides this year Samsung has also brought a feature to create live emoji using front camera, called AR Emoji.

Vivo Apex:

If you are in Bangladesh, then maybe you will not recognize this smartphone brand well. However, in the Indian market, the brand has a good position in the populary side. This year, VISCO showcased the CES 2015 held in Las Vegas last year, the world's first underglassed fingerprint sensor smartphone built by them.But this year at the Mobile World Congress, Vivo has turned off the show.

This year Vivo has shown the smartphone that they made Vivo Apex. This smartphone is a trulley baseless smartphone. So far no matter how many manufacturers use a basellex smartphone as a smartphone, they have never been able to create a full baselage device. That's basically vivo. There is nothing like a Bizzle or Extra Space or iPhone X on the left, bottom, right, left, this smartphone built on Vivo. It is almost a display of full baseles. As a result, the Vivo phone camera has inserted the phone on top of the phone inside the phone, which will come out of the photo when it takes a photo, just as we imagined about the baseless smartphone a few years ago. Of course, this smartphone also has an under-glass fingerprint sensor which is embedded below the phone's display. And interestingly, half of this phone will be able to work as a fingerprint sensor.

Nokia Smartphone (Nokia 1, 8 Sirocco, 7+, New 8810):

HMD Global was probably the most excited about the Mobile World Congress. Because, they did not do this year, but four smartphones were announces Mobile World congress. Firstly they have annexed Nokia One smartphone which is a very basic smartphone Basically, it's a low-end smartphone that runs Google's new Android OS version, which is built for low-end smartphones. This phone is so low that the mediatech processor and 1GB RAM So you can understand what type of user it is targeting.

They also had annexed their last year's flagship smartphone, a new addition to Nokia 8, which is named Nokia 8 Sirocco Edition. As expected, this phone has last year's high end hardware (Snapdragon 835 and Adreno 540), more impressive stunning designs and build quality, dual camera setup etc. In addition to the improvement, the front glass of this phone is both curved, like the Galaxy S7. There will also be IP 67 Water Resistance and Android One. It is basically the first flagship smartphone under the Android's Android One.

This year, Nokia Announces another Android One smartphone, Nokia 7 Plus. It's basically an ultra-midrange smartphone. The design of this phone is like the Sirocco Edison of Nokia 8. The camera of this phone is also similar to Sirocco Edison of Nokia 8, that means the same camera has been used. Although Super Midrange is a smartphone, it has a number of impressive flagship level features. Such as 18: 9 display, slim bazel, Snapdragon 660 processor, enough powerful, Carl Jassis sensor, 16 megapixel selphi camera, stock android etc. If my smartphone comes to the market in Bangladesh and costs between 30 thousand rupees, then this will be the best smartphone budget of 30 thousand rupees.

The most interesting fact is that HMD Global has released another phone this year, which was originally an Improv version of the Nokia 8810 phone many years ago, as it did with Nokia 3310. The interesting thing is that the design of this phone really looks like a collar. So much so that since the annexation of this phone, we got more contact with the name of the phone. This phone contains a foldable long display which does not have foldable part two, three. This phone also uses the same software as the new version of Nokia 3310, but the little Improved version Because this phone has the opportunity to use dedicated Android apps such as Google, Google Maps, Google Assistant etc. There are also Nokia's famous snake games. There are also 4G network support.

Sony Xperia XZ2:

Soni is actually a conspirator as a smartphone maker. Yet, Sony tried almost every year to touch the mobile market somewhat. Sony's smartphone is not bad, it's not. But compared to other flashaship smartphones, Sony's smartphones are a bit backdated and boring from the design side. However, this year, Sony Mobile World congress has announces their Xperia XZ's Saxaser, XZ to

Finally, the Sony Sony smartphone reached the 18: 9 display with this smartphone. But the display of this smartphone is not even close to other flagship smartphones competitor. There is no curved corner, there is no baseless display, there is no infinity display like Samsung, there is no cut out like iPhone X and there is no feature of fancy. Sony has not compromised on behalf of the hardware. This phone has the latest Snapdragon 845 processor and Adreno 630 GPU. And since the company is Sony, the focus will be on the camera, this is normal. Like the Galaxy S, this smartphone can also have Slow Motion videos at 960 FPS, but in the 1080p resolution, where S9 is the maximum 720p resolution. There are also no noticeable new camera features.

So this was the main few endorsements or announces of the mobile world congress. In addition, many other manufacturers have released a lot of new smartphones. For example, Alcatel, ZTE etc. In addition, several laptops and Chromebooks were also annunated in the Mobile World Congress this year. Huawei and Lenovo also announces some new laptops and Chromebooks.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Android P feature 2018

We know that people who follow Google everywhere online, they know that Google has a good habit or a bad habit, why not let go of releasing a new Android version every year. How many users of their previous Android version are still using and whether everyone can upgrade to their latest Android version, Google also does not go anywhere. Every year Google releases a new Android version and then Google's own pixel devices and many other devices get updated to this new version.

Just next year, Google again appeared with another Android version. However, by the same source, Google is going to release the new Android version this year, Android P (Android P). It is not yet known what the actual name of this version will be, but what's new is already known. Today, we will discuss what new features are available in this Android P.

Gesture-based system:

Apple is probably the world's guide to technology. Because always notice that Apple does what they do on their devices, then all smartphone makers try to keep the same features on their smartphones. We have seen this happen many times before. For example - Headphones not giving Jack, Face ID or Face Reconstruction features, Newly Implementation, Display Nach etc. Now thousands of smartphones are worried by the fact that Google is not behind this task. In Android P, Google has the ability to swipe through hands like the iPhone X-like handset. As the smartphone's battery becomes slick, it is becoming difficult to keep the hardware button on the phone. For this reason basically, this gesture system is on.

There will be no on-screen navigation bar and 3 inactive buttons for navigating to Android P. In the navigation bar there will be a bar from which to swipe upward to the overview screen, then swipe left to go to the Reset apps menu, scroll through it and get many more functions. Also, the back button will be given only when your back button is needed. There will be more swipe features such as Android P This navigation bar is called Google's quick scrab.

But Google is not keeping it as the only navigation option. If you want to disable this feature from settings, there will be an opportunity to bring back the three-button three-button on-screen navigation bar. And yes, Google has officially changed the Recent apps menu to the card system's Recent apps menu, much like the iPhone and Shawomey, Huawei phones have such a resource apps menu.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness:

Android P will have a new battery saver feature, which allows the user to better battery backup by optimizing the battery through the use of Google. The Adaptive Battery feature is basically how much you use an app on the phone, and how frequently the app is used, which means the use of Artificial Intelligence with your Usage Hubit, and according to that data will be able to allocate certain battery power to each of your apps so that your battery for any unnecessary app Life cannot be reduced. It basically optimizes your battery life by limiting how unneeded/low-cost apps can use your phone's resources.

Display dancing and user interface:

You might have noticed that Apple has kept a small display cutout (where there are cameras and other sensors) above their iPhone X's display, and some of the smallest smartphone makers are trying to keep their nails like iPhone X on their device. Everybody has a niche in their new devices, Vanplas, LG, Vivo, Asus, Huawei. This display is basically the biggest smartphone trend of 2018, which is trying to follow all the makers except Samsung. And Google also has the official support for their official Android P. Even the developer options of Android P have a feature that allows simultaneous navigation of devices on which the device is not already dual, for app development purposes.

Dashboard and App Timer:

This new Dashboard feature of Android P has been kept to free itself from your extra smartphone addiction. This feature will let you know exactly how much time you have to take on your phone. Here you will be shown that you use the most apps on your phone most, which app is the most used, etc. etc., on this dashboard you will be shown that you have used the 4 hours Facebook app today, watched videos for 2 hours on YouTube or 1 hour browser Used the app etc. You can also find out from this dashboard that how many times you have unlocked your phone's screen and received

There are also many other user interface improvements in Android P as every new Android version. Android P has been more colorful and more fast and responsive than the previous Android version. Also, in the next few days, the display of rounded corner display phones will be seen more. Due to this, the designs and dialog boxes of the OS have been rounded as well as rounded shapes to help the user interface look a bit more beautiful. There are also many other minor improvements that can not be completed.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pixel 2 review: Google's vision of the Ultimate Smartphone

Google is additional serious than it's ever been regarding hardware, and also the pel a pair of is its final vision of what a smartphone ought to be in 2017 – quick, smart, simple, and chic. Here's the New Atlas finding of fact on what the pel a pair of has got to provide, once mistreatment it for every week.

All of the inner specs, together with the twelve MP camera, square measure a similar within the pel...
Stock robot has become pel robot, complete with Google's own live wallpapers and a weather gismo
The rough-textured result on the rear of the phone means that it feels nice within the hand
The pel 2's camera cannot work miracles, however low light-weight performance is incredibly sensible
In terms of hardware specs, there is nothing groundbreaking here, and actually, it's laborious for any smartphone maker to actually initiate with specs right away. The flower 835 processor and four GB of RAM square measure customary for a top-end 2017 phone, as is that the 5-inch, 1,080 x 1,920 per screen. Phones with higher resolutions square measure, in fact, obtainable, however on a screen of this size, you do not actually need those further pixels.

The trend for 18:9, bezel-free screen styles we have seen Apple, LG, and Samsung follow this year is not conspicuous with the pel a pair of – you would like to shop for the larger, dearer pel a pair of XL for an extremely modern style. sadly we tend to weren't ready to get our hands on the larger phone to match it with the pel a pair of, however, we'll embrace some thoughts regarding it at the top of this review.Back to the pel a pair of, and although its specs and style may not win any innovation awards this year, the phone feels comfy and of a premium quality once command, thanks in no tiny half to the rough-textured, brushed result Google has additional on the metallic element rear of the phone, at a lower place the glass shade round the camera. It appears like a high-quality piece of kit right from the beginning.

Thankfully Google has additional IP67 waterproofing this year, although wireless charging remains missing, and it sticks with a single-camera system on the rear of the phone – a 12-megapixel sensing element that Google says gets even higher shots than the 2016 model.

On board is robot eight.0 cookie with some further pel bells and whistles, just like the live wallpapers and date and weather gismo. This Pixel-flavored version of the robot is currently effectively stock robot or rather Google's vision of what robot ought to be, and it's intuitive and a joy to use.

One tiny feature we tend to like is that the choice to have songs that square measure taking part in within the background instantly known on the lock screen, with no have to be compelled to launch Associate in the Nursing app. Google uses a neighborhood information keep on the phone for this, therefore it will not be ready to determine everything, however, it's one amongst those minor-but-very-cool touches dotted around the pel a pair of.As Google keeps telling the US, everything on the software package aspect is more and more supercharged by AI, from the tags on your photos to the Google Assistant – except for the foremost half you'll be able to get a similar AI-driven apps on any robot phone, and they are not a reason in themselves to travel for a pel a pair of.

Stock robot has become pel robot, complete with Google's own live wallpapers and a weather gismo
However, one issue which may sway you towards this telephone is that the camera. the first pel attained rave reviews for its snaps, and also the pel a pair of follows in this tradition

We can make sure it's so wonderful. From the detail the HDR+ mode brings out, to the manner the camera wrings all drop of sunshine out of dark scenes, this can be a phone camera you'll be able to trust once more and once more to bag you a formidable shot, even in tough things.

The optical device and shutter button square measure snappy and responsive, and also the phone takes high-contrast photos, with significantly dark and lightweight areas, in its stride – colors square measure invariably bright and sharp in well-lit things too. Again, Google's AI artistry is at work here, fine-tuning the photographs from the software package aspect to urge the most effective results.

That said, it cannot work miracles – if the scene is de facto dark, you will see lots of noise perforate – however, it's pretty much as good as we have seen from a phone. Considering there is just one lens system on the pel a pair of, were affected.

As we have a tendency to mentioned, we've not had likelihood to check the element two XL, however, you are primarily forking out US$200 additional for an even bigger screen, smaller bezels, and an even bigger battery. Everything else is additional or less identical between the 2 handsets, thus it is your concern what you actually need from your phone, and the way abundant you have got to pay, on that one you choose.

After outlay per week with the phone, we have a little question that Google has created a best telephone within the element 2: It feels nice to carry and use, it takes very good photos and video, and also the automaton computer code expertise is that the best we've come upon nonetheless. it is the whole package and that we suspect Google fans can adore it.

All that we are able to suppose to mention against the phone is to try and do with the standard of the competition. for instance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be a very little costlier however simply beats the element within the appearance department, whereas cheaper handsets just like the Nokia eight still offer you a good overall expertise whereas saving you some cash at the identical time. there is not any shortage of tight automaton handsets out there at the instant if you favor automaton to what Apple is providing, which can be the element 2's biggest downside.

If you wish an enormous, bezel-free show on your next telephone then look elsewhere, however if you price camera performance and Google computer code style on top of everything else, and you would like a phone you'll be able to still use in one hand, the element two may rather be the phone for you.

The element two is obtainable currently direct from Google for $649 with sixty-four GB of storage and $749 with 128 GB of storage. you'll be able to choose from black, white, blue, and a black-and-white combination as your color.