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Friday, August 10, 2018

Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

                    Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

Weekend a computer virus disrupts the operation of the Asian manufacturer, which creates chips for the iPhone and makes higher tariff devices provided by other high-tech companies.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company on Sunday said that on Friday evening, a virus outbreak has affected its many benefits in Taiwan and many computer systems and fab equipment.

The company said the possibility of delay in invoicing and reduction in revenue will be 3 percent and the gross margin of the third quarter will fall to 1 percent as well as additional costs.However, the TSMAC was optimistic that it could upgrade to lost production in the fourth quarter, and still complete high annual revenue growth forecast for the year.

A degree of separate infection by FB, but 80 percent of the company affected by poor software is recovered Sunday and is expected to be completed by Monday, TMS explained.When a new software tool is being installed, an outbreak has occurred due to "abuse". When the device was connected to the company's network, the virus started to spread. However, by company, data integrity and confidential information were not compromised by malware.

IPhone delay possible

TSMC has used Apple A11 processor at the iPhone X, and it is expected to come next month, which is made company's A12 chip for the next generation of iPhone. As a result of this clash, there will be new iPhone availability in TSCCM's production program.

It is difficult to say that there will be a delay in the availability of the iPhone, because Tismsi said no research into the virus-infected production line located in Mesa, Ariana, Analysis and Advisory Services Firm, Tirias research chief Kevin Kruvel said.

"I believe this was a momentary problem and will not affect the long-term manufacturing sector," said Technewywood.

The main analyst Charles Fund is predicting the King of IT: This event is very early that how this event could affect the new product Apple Haywood, California, an Advisory and Consulting firm.

He told Technewishwd, "It can affect the creation of the iPhone's chip, but these effects are quite predictable for the delay in delivering incoming products."

Apple did not respond to our request for comment on this story.

To build the house?

American manufacturers know the risks of making foreign products. So far, the benefits have taken more advantage of that risk and the supply chain manufacturer's manufacturers are less likely to bring back US manufacturing, such as those who are motivated to do some hard work.

Vice President Anupam Shai Managing Product Kavirin TechNewsWorld said, "We did not reduce the chances of violation in the United States in the last few years, visas of foreign suppliers." Caviron Sisa Clara, a cyber security risk and compliance agency based in California.

Washington, DC said the chief management expert of Thiykotik, chief security scientist Joseph Curson, said, "Security is not necessarily good for the US, but it means that the cost of mobile phones will be significantly higher than that."

"So the question is, if you want to pay $ 2000 (US) $ 2000 for more iPhone?" He asked.

Carson told Technuciwald, "At the end of the day," most consumers are focused on security and price versus security, and are focused on the industry that consumers should versus that. "

Stuck in world economy

There are no guarantees that the products made in the US will be safer than made abroad, but in any case, the use of parts produced abroad is of no avail.

Apple wants to build in the USA, but J.K., Northborough, Massachusetts is an IT consultancy company. Jang E Gold, chief analyst at Gold Associates, noted that it still has to deal with China's part.

He told Technewizard, "Extra security will be reduced by the concept of global supply channels to create modern products."

Some companies say US Pund-IT King, but it is due to concerns related to intellectual property theft, industrial catastrophe or malware.

He said, "Unless it went to face Tismsi more common problems," he said, "I hope that such a microprocessor and other vendor Tismsi will continue to be associated with such offshore manufacturers."

Wave effect

Today's world-wide production concerns, cyber-security concerns affect companies worldwide, Kantornia is located in San Jose and the medium-sized business, Antngl Dirk Morris is the chief product officer of the security provider, the small interpretation of the network.

TechNewsworld said, "This phenomenon has highlighted the fact that any software dependent on software, especially Internet-related software, may be sensitive to cyber security threats."

Semiconductor production should be concentrated

Monday, August 6, 2018

What is nano technology? Can we create a new world?

It is difficult to guess even a dream of a world - we do not even dream of its features. Take a look around your room, take a look, see what? Your computer, chair, table, your bed? Let's think of yourself 20 times smaller - what will you see now? Maybe there's one on the floor and you'll feel like a gigantic building to see your table. But if you have been reduced to 1000 million times, what will you see? Will you have a chair or a table? Rather you will see things by which your chair, table, consists of everything in this world; Molecules, atoms, proteins, cells etc. If your drawing is taken to the nanoscale, then you can see the electron-proton orbits around the atom rather than no atom or atom. Now suppose you use an extraordinary technique to change the structure of the atom (atom) or atom of an object with the formation of another atom, what would happen? In fact, all the extraordinary materials that have never existed before will ever occur. Starting today, from a new disease medicine to your computer's super fast processor and creating all the extraordinary materials, there is a very small technology that is known as "Nanotechnology" and it is the most amazing form of current science and technology. So let's know all the details about Nanotechnology today ...

How big is this "Nano"?

Capture a photo using your smartphone or any camera and open it with Photoshop. Keep zooming in the photo and zooming, the photo will become dull once and finally, it will be seen just like the brick wall. Each of these four-colored blocks is called a pixel, which contains the description of a photo and together with all the pixels, a complete photo is created. In the same way, everything around you is completely formed by the very small element "atom". Starting from the chair table, your body consists of a very small particle called an atom. Each element has a portion of its composition in its atom, as each photo has a different color in each pixel and a photo is created together. The key theme of Nanotechnology depends on the object; Let's talk about the matter in the structure and its molecule, the structure, and properties of the atom, let us now take the idea of nano drawing.

What is Nano Technology Nano Technology? 

Can we create a new world?? - Motown!
See we are familiar with a world where we are accustomed to measuring meters, kilometers etc. It is really hard to imagine the painting of something that is so small that it can not be seen in sight. However, the Nano is small, but it is larger than a single atom. An atom's radius is about 0.1 nanometer and an atom's nucleus (a concentrated area in the middle of the atom, where protons and neutrons are smaller), which is about 0.00001 nanometers. The subtler and mathematical subdivision of the science department has come to the conclusions about nanometer and its drawing, but try to give another example for everyone's understanding. Think you have an apple in it and hold it is 1 nanometer, how small is it? To compare 1 nanometer with 1 meter, if your apple is a nanometer in your hand, then all the earth will be one meter, do you understand?

You may be surprised to see the pictures of your biology parasitic microbes, maybe it's possible to get rid of such small things. Such photography is done using an electron microscope. This extraordinary science machine can see small objects of a million times a meter, 1 meter (1 million) the small version of 1 meter equal to 1 microscope meter. But Nano is 1 billion (1,000 million) times smaller than 1 meter. So imagine how small the nanometer can be? I've been out of imagination long ago. Let's take a look at the chart below for a more detailed and detailed nanoscale.

Nano Scale-

  • Atom; ~ 0.1 nanometer.
  • Atoms in the spirit; ~ 0.15 nanometers are covered in part.
  • DNA double-helix (DNA molecule); 2 nanometer diameter.
  • Standard protein; ~ 10 nanometers long
  • Computer transistor (by which computer processor or memory is made); ~ 100-200 nanometers wide.
  • Ideal bacteria; ~ 200 nanometers long.
  • Human hair; 50,000-100,000 nanometer diameter
  • A paper; ~ 100,000 nanometers thin.
  • A girl is 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall; ~ 1,200 million nanometers long.
  • A boy is 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall; 2,000 million nanometers long.
  • Empire State Building; 381 meters (1,250 feet) tall; ~ 381,000 nanometers long.

Nano Technology from Nano Science

What is Nano Technology Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Motown! Do you remember the satellite map of Google Maps? Where in the early days, our world seems to be a big round of blue-green. Because of the green trees and the ocean on most of the Earth's surface, a blue-green appears to be bigger round to see the earth from a distance. Now start zooming on the map, gradually many countries will be watching, after that, the country's cities will be noticed and then there will be a particular city on the screen. Now start zooming on the city, an area will come and finally, the zoom will end on a mansion or a house. But is this the last end of the world, that is the smallest element in the world that this planet has been created? Of course not. Nanoscience is used to look at things smaller than our normal eyesight. Now let's go back to the Google Map which ended on a mahalla. Now let's go zoom, maybe a field of mahalla can be found on the mahalla and once zoomed, one can stop at a grass. The idea started with Nano Science and started to zoom the grass. If zoomed grass, plant cells can be seen in it and it can be seen how it is making food for themselves with sunlight. If you do more zoom in this way, you will see that the plant molecules are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and once things are all divided. So this is Nano Science, which helps us to understand from the very roots that how each element is made and its core is what it is.

And when we can understand Nano Science, we can use it to create something new and it will be called Nano Technology. Because technology comes from science and follows the rules of science, making our everyday life easier is the technology work.

Now let's take a few simple ideas about nanotechnology-what's actually this and how it works. I will not go into any complex discussions, try a simple and straightforward interpretation of all the facts with just a few examples. Well, think of a cloth and suppose we have reached the smallest point of the nanoscale of that cloth, then what can be seen. Yes, of course, we must reach atoms of atomic atoms. There may be a thread from one cotton thread to the other. Now suppose there is a substance that has the power to exclude any fluid. So, if we reach the nanoscale of that substance, we can know the structure of that substance and change the anatomic structure of the cloth with that substance, but what will happen? Then it will be possible to create a cloth which will discard any fluid with water. Suppose your white shirt filled the yellow juice of curry! What is not it boring? But after improving nanotechnology, your shirt will get rid of the buttermilk, meaning that if the shirt sticks in the curry, it will not cause any stains. Hope you're clear about the main subject of Nanotechnology.

Use of Nano Technology

Most of the advantages of Nanotechnology can be seen in the future, but in the future, this technology is helping to change the world in different ways. You might think Nano Technology is a great thing at once and it's a whole new technology-because "technology" means we think of the human technique. But our life itself is a great example of nanotechnology. Our bodies work in proteins, viruses, bacteria, cells, etc. in the form of nanotechnology.

Nano Material

What is Nano Material Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Megautune! Maybe you are using Already Nanotechnology right now. Maybe you wear nanotechnology pants or your shirt is made in nanotechnology. Even from your bed linen to the traveling bug, it is also ready for nanotechnology. Made of nanotechnology, the fibers of the fabric are so fine that dust particles can not stick to it, so the cloth is much less messy. Nanotechnology is used in some branded sunscreen creams, just because the cream is applied to your skin, it only puts titanium oxide or zinc oxide overlay, so it blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Many paintings made in nanotechnology work in this way, so it is more lasting and less corrosion.

Carbon Nano Tubes is the most outstanding Nanomaterial. As a result of its Atomic formation, it turned it into a very strong substance. It is possible to make any taller measurements in fiber drawing.


What is Nano Chip Nano Technology? What can we do to create a new world from an unimaginable small part? - Megatube! Micro Electronics is another version of Nanotechnology. Typically the word "micro" is used in microelectronics because its drawing is due to the microscopic scale. But computer scientists have said that if more transistors can be used in the same place, then the size of the computer is smaller and more powerful. That's why today's computers are much smaller, much stronger and cheaper in size. Presently, computer processors are prepared by 100-200 nanometers transistor and the day is being reduced by more size and all of this is possible due to Nanotechnology.

Not just computer processors, but flat screen HD TVs, smartphones, iPads, etc. all have chips installed using Nanotechnology.


Another interesting aspect of Nanotechnology is that it is possible to create a very small machine; From gears, switches, pumps, machines - and completely different atoms. Nanomachines can be made nanorobots, which are called nanobots. Nyanbot can be injected into our body so that it can fight with adverse conditions.

Last word: There is no doubt in this sentence that Nano Technology will rule more in the future. However, there are also some difficulties with the benefits of this technology. For example, nanobots can cause cancer by injecting the human body. Due to the small size of the nanobot, many doctors agree that it can enter the bone with blood, so no one knows what can happen. If you have more information about Nanotechnology and you know more about this technology, please share it with us in the tumément below. If you enjoy the tune and do not forget to share if you benefit.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Everything happened in the world of technology [July 2018]

Xiaomi new product:

China's Apple-owned Xiaomi is going to launch some of its new devices this month, which is Redmi 6 Pro, 6A and MI Pad 4. But within a few days, Xiaomi new smartphone Mixed Mix 3 will be available in the market, and whose full specification is now not known. Last month, Xiaomi launched its three smartphones, Mi8, Mi8 SE and Mi8 Explorer Edition, as well as a fit and mind 3 launches.

Mi  Mixed 3, the 18: 9 race will be 6.99 inches high, with 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Moreover, This Month Xiaomi 6a (2GB and 3GB RAM Variants) will bring the smartphone to the market; This smartphone will be a budget range of Xiaomi Smartphone Now comes the words of Xiaomi's new smart voice assistant 'Shiao AI'. Shiao AI Xiaomi new Smart Voice Assistant And they will use these voice assistants in their different types of homemade devices and mobile phones, But there is no plan to launch their own Artificial Intelligence Smart Assistant outside China.

WhatsApp new feature For Nokia phones:

Nokia's current product company, HMD Global's Chief Product Manager, has confirmed in a Twitter post that Nokia's new Nokia 8110 banner feature phone supports the WhatsApp app. Since this popular mobile messaging app is available only for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, this app is expected to be used very easily by popularizing this app as a result of the new Kai OS. Because of this, the new GeoPhone 2 feature phones powered by 'Kai OS' will be able to run the WhatsApp app. 

However, the Nokia 8110 Nokia Banner phone will be a little better for this purpose as this featurephone supports 4G connectivity support. Many people use Android, iOS-powered smartphones only to use an emergency app like Messenger and WhatsApp apps, but for now, it can be a major reason for the feature phone to leave the smartphone. Google has already invested many billions of dollars in many applications to buy 'KO OS'. Nokia's 4G feature phone will have Snapdragon 205 chipset, 512mb RAM, and 4GB internal storage.

Samsung's 7 and 5-nanometer technology's Exxon Chipset:

Samsung is building a more advanced technology and power chipsets with ARM partners. Here, Samsung's new chipsets will have up to 3 GHz capacity, as well as the specialty these new chipsets will cost more energy. As a result, Samsung's newest technology expands processors will back up a lot of software by spending a lot of energy on the smartphone. At the end of this year, Samsung will start their product lineup of this new Chipset. Samsung is developing chipsets made in the process of 'Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography' as well as 'Low Power Plus 7 Nanometers'; Which would be the better, 5-nanometer technology chipsets.

This 5-nanometer chipset will not only be less than 7 nanometers but also performance will be much stronger. Many people are comparing this chipset with laptop class processors because it is also able to take the pressure of such a processor. Samsung's A75 Chipset has a capacity of 2.8 GHz and it was a 10-nanometer technology chipset. Right now there will be a clock-speed of 76 ' 7-nanometer chipsets, 3 GHz. And it's normal that the speed of the chipset of 5nmometers and the clock speed will be even more.

Google Bought Microsoft GitHub:

Meanwhile, looking at Microsoft's GitHub coding platform for nearly $ 7.5 billion, Google is looking at them as a bigger rate. At Google GitHab's auction, he had originally wanted to buy these popular coding platforms, but due to his good, relation with the CEO of GitHub, Chris's Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the whole thing turned to him. Originally here, GitHub wanted to let them go to Microsoft's vast platform; And this is the main reason that Google did not want to buy Github.

The new tool in WhatsApp:

Late in our neighboring country of India, WhatsApp Apps has millions of users, so there is no mention of much fake news and fake spam spread in this country. And recently a fake spam spreading out has caused a person to be killed as a kidnappers; And to see the reason for the loss of life of such a lonely soul, it is observed that such a thing has happened because of the similarity with the face of the person who had to give life to the face of the spread of false information in the WhatsApp app.

As a result, the administration of the country has been voiced - similarly, Facebook has acquired its social media interface in the same way. For this reason, the WhatsApp App has launched a new tool that will prevent suspicious links, images, or videos from being excessive spam, causing the WhatsApp app platform to not easily spread false news.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Nokia 9 price, release date and latest news

Prior to the terribly recent launch of the Nokia eight, it had been a protracted time since we'd had a Nokia flagship, however, another new one is reported to air the method, and it’s set to be larger than the Nokia eight.

HMD world - the corporate that’s revived the Nokia name on smartphones – has up to now otherwise unleashed a few of entry-level and mid-range phones, just like the Nokia five, however the high-end Nokia nine would possibly launch before the year is out, and it might be positioned to vie with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone eight.


We’re already beginning to hear rumors regarding it, all of that you’ll notice below together with our professional analysis, and as shortly as we have a tendency to hear something new we’ll add it to the current article.

All the Nokia nine launch rumors we'd detected were ostensibly truly pertaining to the Nokia eight, however that does not mean the Nokia nine is dead.

In fact, a representative for HMD world has currently hinted that the phone is in the manner, which it'll have a bigger screen "to meet the wants of completely all users."

Nokia 9 Price:

  • A $699 (roughly £640/AU$1,060) price
  • May value additional for higher storage capacities
Only one advisor has mentioned the attainable value of the Nokia nine thus far and that they reckon it’s progressing to be big-ticket, coming back in at $699 within the United States of America (around £565/AU$935) and 749 euros (roughly £640/AU$1,060).

Direct conversions area unit seldom correct, however of the 2, the second is probably going to be nearer to the united kingdom and Australian value, as phone costs tend to be higher internationally than you’d get with an instantaneous conversion from the United States of America value.

The supply conjointly mentioned that the Nokia nine can are available in each 64GB and 128GB varieties. They didn’t specify that of these costs area unit for, however, we’d assume this can be the beginning value, during which case you’d get 64GB for that.

Nokia 9 style:

  • An all-metal body
  • Water resistance
  • A curvy build

One supply claims the Nokia nine can have an associate all-metal body, whereas another says to expect it to be IP68 certified, which might create it dirt proof and waterproof to one.5 meters deep for up to half-hour.

We've currently seen a leaked image giving the US an in-depth examine the front and back of a phone believed to be the Nokia nine, and it's plenty just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with a serpentine screen, bezels higher than and below and what seems to be a glass back - in distinction to the all-metal claims.

The Nokia nine may well be a curvy, glass-backed phone. 
The image additionally shows a dual-lens camera and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

This aspect of the Nokia nine appearance to accommodate the SIM card slot.  
We've additionally apparently currently seen a picture of the Nokia nine within the flesh, or a minimum of its armor plate, and it matches the renders higher than, complete with a shiny end, a dual-lens camera and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

This could be our initial examine a part of the Nokia nine within the flesh.  
One alternative leak we have seen purportedly shows associate an early image of the phone, however, it's encased in a very plastic case to prevent the US seeing the total style, and therefore the camera layout does not match the image higher than.

A couple of sketches have leaked out of the provision chain too, however, we're not one hundred pc certain of their believability for currently - they show a Nokia nine with terribly slender bezels high and bottom, a bit like many alternative 2017 flagships.

TechRadar’s take: The curvy leaked image of the Nokia nine appearance convincing, whereas water resistance is plausible, as it’s a feature found on the variety of high-end handsets.

Nokia 9 screen:

  • A 5.5-inch QHD OLED screen

We've detected multiple sources say the screen on the Nokia nine is a five.5-inch QHD show.

QHD generally means that 1440 x 2560 and it’s the quality flagship screen resolution, tho' some phones, like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, a square measure currently pushing higher than that. 5.5 inches may be a fairly typical size too – not a tiny low screen however almost a phablet either.

The potential use of OLED is maybe the foremost fascinating facet. this is often the screen technical school employed by Samsung on several of its phones, however one that isn’t widely used elsewhere.

It tends to deliver a lot of spirited, however probably less natural colors than associate {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display, and will shortly be the technical school of selection among flagship manufacturers, with Apple additionally reported to be mistreatment it in coming handsets.

However, the Nokia eight cursed with LCD, and is just slightly smaller at five.3 inches, therefore for the Nokia nine to square out we'd assume it'd push the scale up more.

TechRadar’s take: we have a tendency to solely have one screen rumor associated it comes from an anonymous supply with nothing to back it up, therefore we’d take it with a large serving to of salt.

Nokia 9 camera:

  • A dual-lens 22MP Carl Zeiss camera
  • A 12MP front-facing camera

The earliest Nokia nine rumors pointed to a dual-lens camera, and a more modern leak backs that up, with a tout claiming it'll have a 22MP dual-lens Carl Zeiss snapper on the rear and a 12MP camera on the front.

Both of these cameras have a lot of megapixels than most phones, tho' they’re almost a match for the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020.

In the Nokia 8's case there is a monochrome lens associated an RGB one, that square measure combined for higher shots, particularly in low lightweight, therefore that is our greatest guess for currently.

TechRadar’s take: The few rumors we’ve detected each purpose to a dual-lens camera and therefore the Nokia eight already has such a snapper, in order that can virtually actually be what we have a tendency to get, however, we're less certain concerning the reported megapixel count.

Nokia 9 battery :

  • A huge 3,800mAh battery
  • Fast charging

There’s just one battery rumor to date, and it points to a three,800mAh juice pack with Qualcomm fast Charge four.

That would create it way larger than most smartphone batteries, with even one thing just like the LG G6 having simply a three,300mAh battery.

TechRadar’s take: A three,800mAh battery appears astonishingly giant for a five.5-inch phone, therefore we’re not all convinced by that, however, it’s potential. quick charging is probably going, as that’s become a reasonably normal flagship feature and is accessible on the Nokia eight.

Nokia 9 OS and power:

  • A flower 835 chipset
  • 4GB, 6GB or 8GB of RAM
  • Android seven or later computer code

Early sources claim the Nokia nine can have a flower 835 chipset and 6GB of RAM – tho' we’re solely talking concerning 2 sources here. that might wreak a high-end specification, topping even the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and therefore the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, each of that use that chip, however, have simply 4GB of RAM.

One of the sources adds that the Nokia nine will have associate Adreno 540 GPU and run humanoid candy seven.1.2, that at time of writing is that the latest humanoid unleashes, however, might not be by the time the phone truly launches.

Since then we have seen 2 benchmarks for the phone, each of that additionally list a flower 835 chipset, however, one among that lists 4GB of RAM, whereas the opposite claims it comes with 8GB. However, if there's associate 8GB model within the works we have a tendency to would not expect to examine it within the west.

We wouldn’t expect to examine any quite overlay, as HMD world has cursed with stock humanoid on its current crop of handsets.