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Sunday, August 5, 2018

What is the Android root?

Here we will discuss about "Android root " The advantages and disadvantages of the root?" And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting Android phone. Why do you use the rooting phone and why or not. There will be discussions related to this here.

What is Android Root?

Android root is a process by which the customer will be able to fully control his phone.Rooting means a special one for the customer. It controls all the programs on the phone. It controls the phone's total windshield.

What to do after Root:

What to do after the root? You can install your favorite mode, kernel, custom ROM. If you want you can install the latest version of Android Lollipop update (like Android 6.0.1 ms).

Root Benefits

You can overlay the CPA and GPA for better performance of your phone. Rooting facilities allow you to update your favorite phone using any type of app.You can also overlap the CPU for your phone's battery life. For this you will be able to re-install your phone's backup, restorative or beach applications separately.In total, you can use the device you want to install and install.

Variations of Rooting from jailbreaking

Many people are cheated by Rooting and jailbreaking. But really, jailbreaking and Rooting are two different things. Concept of two is of two types.Jailbreak is actually applicable to Apple. In this model, jailbroke can modify the operating system (infrared by "locked bootloader").

This allows the customer to use non-approved apps. These features include some models of Android. For example, this type of Sony, Asus and Google models of this type of Android have this feature.Another special feature of this model is that Android models can unlock their devices and even transfer them.

What to do after the Root: 

Make a backup of your phone's current ROM. The easiest way to get a backup is to install a custom recovery.Short recovery is the phone's boot-mode from which you can format the full partition of the phone.


You can update the phone with the file on the memory card.

What are the benefits of Rooting?

What is the use of Rooting because of its extensive

1. Hidden features and installable instagram: You can unlock your phone's inappropriate apps if you wish.

2. Hacking Wi-Fi via Android device: It really is true. If you want to hack your Wi-Fi network with your Android device. Even if you want you can detach any user connected to the network from the network.

"Wi-Fi" is an application for hacking the network.

3. Overlapping your mobile processor: You can speed up your mobile processor. But it is very risky for processors. So enough information should be collected before this.

4. Block Aid From Android Apps: Many of us have many unwanted eds coming to the phones. That's why some customers become the reason for the annoyance. The root application from this annoyance will give you the release.

If you keep the AIDS block on the root, you will get rid of this unwanted trouble. Writing requirements in this regard are very comprehensive.

5. Increase your device's RAM: Rooting Increases the density of your device's data by decreasing the disaster. Rooting will allow you to get this feature on your Android.

6. Different types of ROMs, Moods, Kernel: If you wish, you can install various ROMs and Moods. However, this can be done only when the Rooting device is installed.Android is a great app as a mobile device and is universally scheduled.

7. Underlocked CPI for Battery's Boost Life: You can keep your CPU underlocked for more durability of your phone's battery.

Difficulties of Rooting:

1. Bricking: Rooting is a dredged word. If it is installed, you can not use any big software on your phone. If you use it for any business purpose, you will not benefit from it.Even if it is in the eyes of the authorities, you may have to pay a fine for it. There is no benefit to any major business or business work.

2. What is the purpose of mobile Root: With the use of this, your phone's warranty will end because you will not be able to show it to the authorities later. Even if you stop this Rooting, warranty will not be beneficial.

Because, once the root is installed, its device is no longer the same. So with the use of it you have to forget about your warranty.

3. Security Risk: Rooting will cause your phone to go into security rackets. Because your default settings will be changed with the Rooting installation.

So its security will not be the same as before.

As a result, your phone will be in a security condition. And depending on your phone there may be a lot of big problems that you might not even imagine.

So, we need to make clear ideas about what to do with mobile Root. Because otherwise, due to ignorance many big problems can be caused. You can not even imagine what you do.

But its advantages for personal use are also extensive. Which other app can not give you.

Many times our small mistakes forget big tragedies. We do not get much updates because we do not know many times, we are following in the analog world.
So it is important to have a clear idea of ​​how to Root mobile Roots. Share this discussion to increase awareness. Thank you for staying with us.

Note: We use Android phones that have three types of ROMs on our phones:

1.stock rom

2. Custom ROMs Custom ROMs To be updated on your phone, your phone must be Rootd.

3. Cyanogenmod

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Run Android App in Llinux distro !

You know, Android is made up of Linux; But even then Linux apps do not have an Android app, and Android software does not have any separate software for Android. See Linux but not an operating system, it is a kernel, that means if someone says "I have installed Linux on my computer", then the operating system installed on his computer works on the Linux kernel. The kernel is essential for every operating system. The kernel mainly helps to establish relationships between system software and hardware. This means Linux is the core of the Linux-based operating system.

There are some more things in Linux Linux, such as Linux software that has its own environment for running and X graphical servers. Other Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, etc, have a separate software installed without the Linux kernel. Desktop interfaces are available on various Linux Distributions to install GNOME In GNOME Desktop Inverters. Android is true on Linux, but it does not have the environment to use desktop software, and Android itself works on virtual machines, which is why it runs on Linux but runs the Java software without running Linux software.

Installed shashlik :

Sassal is basically an Android emulator; The Linux Desktop provides users with the ability to run the Android APK in their system. First, download the package from the official link of the Saslik. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian, then download the .deb extension file, and using different DDRs, AUR package will work well for you. If you are an Ubuntu user, you can install the package by typing the following command from the terminal.

sudo dpkg -i shashlik_0.9.3.deb

 In this case, the software will be installed on your computer as well as the emulator. Now you have to download the file from any site on the Android APK, which you want to run on the computer. If you want, you can download the APK mirror from the Android app file. Now you have to open the Terminal again to install the file on your computer, the command will show the location of the file in your APK file and put it in a folder on your system; "/ Opt / shashlik/bin / shashlik-install name_of_apk_file"

In this case, the software will be installed on your computer as well as the emulator. Now you have to download the file from any site on the Android APK, which you want to run on the computer. If you want, you can download the APK mirror from the Android app file. Now you have to open the Terminal again to install the file on your computer, the command will show the location of the file in your APK file and put it in a folder on your system; "/ Opt / shashlik/bin / shashlik-install name_of_apk_file"...

So diameter, this is how you can install and run an app. But after installing the app you can also find and run Android apps from your computer's app menu. Anyway, you learn from this tune, how to run an app using the command. If you want to uninstall an app, there is no uninstalling function, but /.local/share/applications delete all the files in the app from this location and the app will be uninstalled. After deleting the data, the app will disappear from the App menu.

Just like a child can not walk directly on the same date, the same version of the first version is not a stable version for the first time. Sasalike also lacks many features. But the most important feature of this is missing the app in landscape mode. Hi there, you can do this if you order a little bit, let's teach you! Open your file manager in admin permissions and open the "" file with the text editor / opt / shashlik / bin. Find out "-no skin" and save it by editing any resolutions in "-skin 480 × 320". Now when you open the Next Time App, the app will be open in your resume.

Linux has many more options to run Android apps. Genymotion, Andro VM, Andy OS, Official Android SDK, Jar of Beans - many popular and many of them provide many powerful features. If you want, we will write a detailed post about how to run the Android app using the software in the next article. If you have problems using Salal to install or install a problem, then let me know.

Image Credit: Pexels.Com

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

5 Best Android Apps! 2018

We all know the apps and use them every day. Without an app, an operating system cannot be imagined. Technically speaking, apps are the life of an operating system An operating system has various apps for different purposes. Browser apps for browsing the net, music player apps for listening to music, Microsoft Word or Google doc for editing the document, photo editor apps for editing photos and thousands of apps for such hundreds of jobs are available on an operating system. And if the operating system is Android, then there is no word, Play Store will have at least 100 different Android apps for the same work. However, we do not have many roles to play in the words. Today I will share 5 Android apps that may be needed for you or me.

1. VPN Hub:

By knowing the name, it is understood that it is a VPN app. If you do not understand the name of the new VPN app, then you will not understand. This VPN app is similar to other Premium VPN apps in the Play Store, but it featured here because this VPN app is a free service in the US server, which offers very few VPN apps in the Play Store. You do not have the opportunity to connect to your own server as long as most other VPN apps do not have a premium subscription. You will not be allowed here too, but you do not have to take any appropriate locale of VPN providers as well. In the free version, you will get a server and it is the US server.

If you install the app for the first time, you will be given a premium subscription of 7 days for free, which will allow you to use all the available applications for that 7-day VPN app. From speed and latency, it is much better than most other free VPN apps. You can also get its premium subscription if you want to spend about 800 rupees per month. But for most people, I think the free US version of the free version will be enough. Because we use VPN only for the US server.

2. Tide:

There is no alternative to rest between our everyday everyday activities. Tide is an app that can help you to relax and sleep. And if you are such a person, that easily becomes absent, and if you want to focus on one of your tasks, the Tide app will be one of the most useful apps. In this app, you will get some sound effects that will keep you from working on very low volumes in your workplace, preventing them from being confused, and help you to focus more on your work.

Here you will find sound effects like light rain, wind noise, night sharking sound, sea water sound etc. And every sound is very clear and reloading. You can play these sounds in a timely manner. You can also use this app as an alarm clock too. If you set the alarm during sleep at night, then it will play a reloading sound on the low volume until that helps you to sleep. You can use this app to do much more to suit your needs. This app's user interface is great and this app is completely add-on.


3. BackDrops:

By knowing the name, you can understand that it is a wallpaper app. For those who love to change the phone wallpaper every day, it may be one of the most important apps for them. If you open this app, you can see new wallpapers every day, sorted in grid form. Every wallpaper is high resolution. You can choose any wallpaper from there and instantly set it as your phone wallpaper in one click. You can browse wallpapers in different categories. For example, Art, Design, Nature, Space, Illusion, Material, Minimal etc. You will find some beautiful wallpapers in each section.

If you want, the wallpapers you like most will be able to continue to mark them as favorites and they will go to the app section and will never be lost. By signing in with your Google Account, you can sync your favorites wallpaper to all devices. This app has some ads, but it is very low and does not make the user experience worse. However, you can get rid of all the ads by parsing the premium version of the app. Moreover, all wallpapers will also get the feature to save as an image file on your phone in high resolution if premium version parses.


4. Clipboard Manager:

There are a number of times that we copy and paste any link or text to the phone's clipboard and forget a little later. Then when it comes to remembering, it cannot be pasted, because the clipboard history of the phone is cleared immediately. If you are a smartphone user, you have never encountered this problem and have been disturbed. But the Clipboard Manager app can release you from this problem.

If this app is installed, every time you copy a link or a text to the phone from the next time, all these apps will be automatically posted and all small notes will be stored like a list. So if your clipboard is cleared, you can just open this app and copy your desired text again or you can share it from there. You can also use this app to write a note. The user interface of this app is quite clean and simultaneously full add-on.


5. Android Messages:

This app is an extremely popular app made by Google, which many people might know and use. This app is given as the default messaging app on Google's pixel phones. However, this app is also in the Play Store, allowing any modern Android phone to install and use this app. If you do not like the default messaging app on the phone and you want to use a third party messaging app, then I think this is the best third-party messaging app. Google has a very beautiful material design, responsive user interface, and one of the most important features is that you can swipe the Gmail app and delete the email in the left / right by swiping the message archive and delete it.

Besides, this messaging app can easily copy any OTP or Two Factor Authentication Code in one click, which I think is the most essential feature for a messaging app. Besides, there is also the ability to scan the QR code from the mobile like WhatsApp web, check the message with the help of PC and send the message. As a result, the default messaging app for those who have a habit of chatting with people will have a little more advantage. If you want to use the third-party messaging app, you will see the Google messaging app tray.


This was more than five Android apps that could be useful to you. I will share five more Android apps in the next series of this series. Here's the end of today. Hope you liked today's article. If there are any questions or opinions, please tell in the comments section. And if you know if there is such a good Android app, you can still share it with us in the comment section below. Then we will talk about that app in the next phase.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Samsung's New Flagship

Samsung's S and Note Lineup were always the series of their ultra-premium smartphones. Every year, Samsung releases two new flagship smartphones in their S lineup, which is Samsung's only flagship smartphone for a full year. The reason for the note series is different because they are created according to the kind of audiences who prefer the bigger smartphone. So for most consumers, Samsung's S lineup smartphones fall in the category of Samsung's Ultra Premium Smartphone. Last year, Samsung released its 2017 flagship, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus. According to the source, this year, Samsung announces the Mobile World Congress in its new lineup of the S-lineup, the Galaxy S9, and the S9 Plus. Today I will talk about what's going on in Samsung's new two smartphones and what has been improving compared to the previous year.


Although the design thing is not the biggest feature or improvement of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, it is worth mentioning. Because, this year Samsung has brought a little design change on their new smartphone, which is quite noticeable. Originally, Samsung has made the mistake of designing their last year's model design. That's the fingerprint sensor. In the previous year's model ie Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, they gave fingerprint celery mobile back to the right of the camera in a place where reaching fingers was a difficult thing to reach. Now they have fingerprint sensors in the S9 and S9 Plus under the camera, as we all see on all the smartphones. They also reduced the bottom of the phone to the base. As a result, after having an Infiniti display last year, it has been able to produce more slim based devices than ever before.

Display and Specs:

This year, Samsung did not make any changes or improvements to the display. The Galaxy S9 has a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED Infiniti display with the resolution of 1440p or quad HD Plus. The S9 Plus is a 6.1-inch Super AMOLED Infiniti Display with the resolution of 1440p or Quad HD Plus. There is no change or improvement on the display. The Galaxy S9's display is similar to last year's Galaxy S8. However, every year Samsung has done some improvements to their S-lineup smartphone's display. There was no exception to this year. But the display is not the main attraction of this phone.

Now Samsung has used Samsung's S9 and S9's Qualcomm new processor, Snapdragon 845. And these two smartphones are the first smartphone in the world to use the Snapdragon 845 processor. However, the phone will be in the US and China versions of the Snapdragon processor. In other countries, the S9 and S9 Plus will have Samsung's own processor, Skins 9810. And as the GPU, the US and Chinese versions will be Adreno 630 and the International version will be based on the Mally G 72 MP 18. As a result, Samsung is certainly offering their much better performance than the previous year's Galaxy S8 in their model of the year. For RAM and storage, the S9 has 4 GB RAM and 64/256 GB storage, and the S9 Plus has 6 GB RAM and 64/256 GB storage. As a software, it will run on Android 8.0 (ORO), which runs on the Samsung Experience UI. The system is backing up 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh battery. Also last year, the features of the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus are almost all, such as water resistance, SD card slot, Gorilla Glass 5 protection, Wireless charging and even headphone jack!


This camera is the biggest change or the biggest replacement for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The Galaxy S 9 and the S9 Plus have been used in much more Improved camera systems than last year. The camera system is called because only the camera quality has not been improvised. Both the Galaxy S 9 and the S9's Overlay Camera system - both camera hardware and camera software - have been improvised. In terms of technical specification, the Galaxy S9A Rear will have 12-megapixel cameras which have a dual-pixel technology and optical image stabilization. The S9 Plus has a 12-megapixel camera with dual-pixel technology and another 12-megapixel camera which helps in 2x losing as zoom. That means the Galaxy S9 Plus will have a dual camera setup. And the two phones will have an 8-megapixel selfie camera on the front. And as always, this phone's rear camera is capable of capturing maximum 4K or 2160p video, but this time it can video 4 to 60 frames per second, which can be very few smartphones.

Another breakthrough camera feature of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is Slow Motion Video. The Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus are the world's second-largest phones that can capture slow-motion video in 720 frames per second (720p resolution). The first was a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Slow motion video recording in these 720 frames per second could not normally be done without the dedicated slow motion camera. And after the Sony Xperia XZ premium, this Galaxy S9 is doing the same. As a result, Galaxy S9 can literally make a 0.2-second video so capacitor in slow motion that the video can play for 6 seconds. So you can imagine why the camera is called the original focus of the Galaxy S9.

So this was a short overview of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. This smartphone will be available in the market by me three. Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Purple The price of this smartphone in the US is $ 720 and $ 840 respectively. Currently, Samsung is pre-launching their website for this phone. But the phone has not arrived yet to the Consumers. And this phone will take more than 2-3 months to be available in Bangladesh. It is not yet known how much its price will be in Bangladesh, but it can be assumed that the smartphone can be priced at a price similar to the previous year's Note 8 or less.

Monday, July 30, 2018

What to do if the smartphone is lost or stolen? [Complete guide]

Smartphone lost or especially theft is very common in our country. Most people have been victims of stealing a smartphone once in a lifetime. I myself had been a year ago. To be honest, there is nothing to do with the smartphone or any phone that has been stolen so you can be sure that you get your phone back. But you can not be sure that you will not get the phone back at all if you can take some steps right after the phone is stolen.

If you take these steps, there is no guarantee that you will get a smartphone, but there is a possibility of getting back. Today, after the smartphone is stolen or lost, you can discuss what steps you can take in the immediate aftermath. We will also discuss it about what you need to be careful about if you want to protect your phone from theft.

Note IMEI number:

This caution will take you before your phone is stolen. Because if your phone is stolen, then you will need these information. If you do not keep notes from before, then you will not find them easily. For example - your phone's IMEI number. I know many people who have asked me after the smartphone has been stolen and what they can do now. Then, when IMEI asked something related to the number, they said that they did not know anything about ces, since they did not keep notes from before.

The IMEI number is very important to find your lost smartphone. Going to your phone's dial pad and typing * # 06 # will get your phone's IMEI number in a pop-up window. Now with a paper and pen, sit down and write everything that you can get in order to keep your phone ever stolen, but you can remember the IMEI number.

Track phone location (if possible):

Understanding what your smartphone has been stolen can be the best decision to track its location. But yes, the location will be possible only when the phone has an active data connection and your phone will not be off. Now, all of it depends on your fate and the number of experienced thieves who stole your phone. If you are an inexperienced thief, he will not understand that the phone is off for power off after the phone is stolen or the data connection is off. Then you can log in to the same Google Device Manager with the same account as the Google Account that was logged on your phone. That's where your phone is right. But if your phone is stolen, then you can expect a little less than it will work. If you are the kind of person who always keeps the phone's data connection on, then this method will work if your phone is lost somewhere.

But yes, if you want, you can lock your phone from here so that the thief gets on your phone or on the data connection, your phone is locked and you can track the thief seeing the phone's last location history.

Get help from the police and phone manufacturers:

This is a very common thing. However, if a smartphone is stolen, many people think that there is no work of police and the police can not do much. Although it is true in many cases, it is a good decision to keep a diary of stealing phone calls to the police to be absolutely sure. If you have stolen your phone, then you must go to your nearest police station and make a written complaint with your phone's IMEI number, phone number, phone details, inserted SIM cards, etc., of all kinds of information. In many cases, the police could bring many people back to the police after they complained to the police. But you can understand that if the diary does not do it completely then there is no possibility of it.

Another step you can take is to keep in mind that your smartphone's smartphone has been stolen from the manufacturer or the official reseller or showroom you have purchased from the smartphone. Because maybe they can help you in this regard. If your phone is officially sold in Samsung or Bangladesh, and you are officially buying it, then it is a good decision to keep in mind the brand's helpline or customer service.

Use anti-theft apps and services:

However, all modern smartphones already have some built-in features that promise to save your phone from theft. However, it is important to use some extra third-party anti-theft apps and services to ensure that they are fully active and also provide complete security. There will be many anti-theft apps in the Play Store, but most of these apps are not safe in their use or should not be used. Finding a Reliable Anti Theft App is quite difficult.

But after searching, I prefix the app in the context of Bangladesh, its name is Thamu (Stop). Yes, okay, this app is made in our country. This app has some features that are quite useful in our country's context and much smarter This app contains features that can help protect your phone from being stolen. Then you can understand why I said this app is useful for Bangladesh-

  • The phone cannot be closed by pressing the power button when the phone is locked.
  • If you do not unlock the screen during the scheduled time to exit the phone pocket, then the sound will be sounded loud.
  • If you insert another SIM by changing the fixed SIM of the phone, the text message will be sent to your other number.
  • All the data on the phone will be deleted when you send a message to the phone number with the code number you have given.
  • When you send a message to the phone with the code number you have given, the phone cannot be stopped by pressing the power button.
  • On your phone, the message will be sounded in the sky and the sound will be sounded

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top 5 Android 8.0 Oreo tips and tricks

Android 8.0 Oreo is finally upon the USA. when a months-long beta program and a launch event regular with the eclipse, the most recent version of the automaton is obtainable for the Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel xl, and component C.

1.How to customize notifications using channels Android 8.0 Oreo:

Android 8.0 Oreo introduces Notification Channels or custom app-defined classes for notifications. The YouTube app could be a sensible example: It splits notifications into 2 teams, offline notifications, and general notifications. The concept is to allow you to block unimportant notifications while not messing with those you would like to check. The Twitter app is another example: you'll be able to like better to get notifications for direct messages, however not for likes or new followers.


Switching off a channel is straightforward. Long proceed one in every of the app’s most up-to-date notification and faucet the toggle to show off notifications from the channel. Here, you'll be able to conjointly faucet All classes to urge a full list of the app’s channels, and faucet the button next to the channel you would like to disable. You won’t get notifications from that channel till you change it once more. to show off notifications for associate degree app entirely, slide the notification left or right till you see a gear icon. faucet the gear icon, and toggle the Notifications off.

Alternatively, you'll be able to head to the app’s notifications page in Android’s Settings menu. To get there, you have to go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info and choose the app you would like to customize notifications. Here you’ll see a listing of the app’s channels, alongside settings toggles for every channel and indicators showing their priority. High priority can create a sound if your device’s notification volume is turned up; pressing priority can create a sound and pop on screen. A medium priority can create no sound, and low priority can don't have any sound or visual interruption.  The YouTube app treats general notifications as “high priority,” as an example, and offline notifications “medium priority.”

2.How to snooze notifications on Android 8.0 Oreo:

Sometimes you don’t need to subsume a notification right once you comprehend. That’s wherever robot Oreo’s notification snoozing comes in: you'll schedule a notification to appear when a predefined interval of your time.

To schedule a message, swipe to the correct or left of a notification till you see the gear and clock icon. Notifications snooze for one hour by default. However, sound the sink arrow can provide choices to snooze for the quarter-hour, 30 minutes, and a pair of hours.  Select one, and you’ll see the notification once more once the time comes.

You can’t snooze each alert. Persistent notifications, otherwise called current notifications, can’t be laid-off or rescheduled.

3.How to enable Notification Dots on  Android 8.0 Oreo:


The notification shade isn’t the sole thanks to keeping track of alerts in automaton biscuit. Notification dots add iOS-like indicators to home screen app shortcuts. They double as powerful app shortcuts — sound and holding on them enables you to preview the foremost recent notification’s content, and in some cases take action thereon.

To alter notification badges, head to the Settings menu and head to Apps & notifications. Then, faucet Notifications and flip the enable icon badges to switch  “on.”

If you’d rather alter badges on a private basis, head to Settings > Apps > Notifications > Notifications > Notifications. faucet the app you would like to toggle, then faucet the button next to permit notification dot.

4.How to save time with Smart Text Selector on  Android 8.0 Oreo:


Let’s face it: repeating and pasting text on your smartphone sucks. however mechanical man Oreo’s sensible Text choice makes it higher by mechanically recognizing text content. after you highlight the associated address, sign, email address, or name, you’ll get contextually relevant shortcuts to the dialer, Google Maps, and different applications.

To use sensible Text choice, press and hold on a block of text you were attending to copy. you ought to mechanically get the associate choice to jump to a relevant app, aboard copy and share. for instance, if you decide on the associated address, you ought to mechanically get the associate choice to jump into Google Maps — the address can already be inputted.

5. How to add a custom ringtone on  Android 8.0 Oreo:

Android is also one in all the foremost advanced operative systems in the world, however adding a custom ringtone accustomed be Associate in Nursing absolute pain. You primarily had 2 choices: transfer a third-party ringtone app that further the ringtone for you, or manually copy the sound file to /sdcard/Notifications, /sdcard/Alarms, or /sdcard/Ringtones. It’s lots easier currently on mechanical man cooky.

Adding a custom ringtone is as simple as propulsion up Settings > Sound and sound Phone ringtone. the ultimate step? faucet the Add ringtone button at very cheap to feature any sound file to Android’s sound picker list.

Stay Close and Thanks to reading this post.