Friday, August 10, 2018

Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

                    Virus Attack on Could Delay Next iPhone

Weekend a computer virus disrupts the operation of the Asian manufacturer, which creates chips for the iPhone and makes higher tariff devices provided by other high-tech companies.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company on Sunday said that on Friday evening, a virus outbreak has affected its many benefits in Taiwan and many computer systems and fab equipment.

The company said the possibility of delay in invoicing and reduction in revenue will be 3 percent and the gross margin of the third quarter will fall to 1 percent as well as additional costs.However, the TSMAC was optimistic that it could upgrade to lost production in the fourth quarter, and still complete high annual revenue growth forecast for the year.

A degree of separate infection by FB, but 80 percent of the company affected by poor software is recovered Sunday and is expected to be completed by Monday, TMS explained.When a new software tool is being installed, an outbreak has occurred due to "abuse". When the device was connected to the company's network, the virus started to spread. However, by company, data integrity and confidential information were not compromised by malware.

IPhone delay possible

TSMC has used Apple A11 processor at the iPhone X, and it is expected to come next month, which is made company's A12 chip for the next generation of iPhone. As a result of this clash, there will be new iPhone availability in TSCCM's production program.

It is difficult to say that there will be a delay in the availability of the iPhone, because Tismsi said no research into the virus-infected production line located in Mesa, Ariana, Analysis and Advisory Services Firm, Tirias research chief Kevin Kruvel said.

"I believe this was a momentary problem and will not affect the long-term manufacturing sector," said Technewywood.

The main analyst Charles Fund is predicting the King of IT: This event is very early that how this event could affect the new product Apple Haywood, California, an Advisory and Consulting firm.

He told Technewishwd, "It can affect the creation of the iPhone's chip, but these effects are quite predictable for the delay in delivering incoming products."

Apple did not respond to our request for comment on this story.

To build the house?

American manufacturers know the risks of making foreign products. So far, the benefits have taken more advantage of that risk and the supply chain manufacturer's manufacturers are less likely to bring back US manufacturing, such as those who are motivated to do some hard work.

Vice President Anupam Shai Managing Product Kavirin TechNewsWorld said, "We did not reduce the chances of violation in the United States in the last few years, visas of foreign suppliers." Caviron Sisa Clara, a cyber security risk and compliance agency based in California.

Washington, DC said the chief management expert of Thiykotik, chief security scientist Joseph Curson, said, "Security is not necessarily good for the US, but it means that the cost of mobile phones will be significantly higher than that."

"So the question is, if you want to pay $ 2000 (US) $ 2000 for more iPhone?" He asked.

Carson told Technuciwald, "At the end of the day," most consumers are focused on security and price versus security, and are focused on the industry that consumers should versus that. "

Stuck in world economy

There are no guarantees that the products made in the US will be safer than made abroad, but in any case, the use of parts produced abroad is of no avail.

Apple wants to build in the USA, but J.K., Northborough, Massachusetts is an IT consultancy company. Jang E Gold, chief analyst at Gold Associates, noted that it still has to deal with China's part.

He told Technewizard, "Extra security will be reduced by the concept of global supply channels to create modern products."

Some companies say US Pund-IT King, but it is due to concerns related to intellectual property theft, industrial catastrophe or malware.

He said, "Unless it went to face Tismsi more common problems," he said, "I hope that such a microprocessor and other vendor Tismsi will continue to be associated with such offshore manufacturers."

Wave effect

Today's world-wide production concerns, cyber-security concerns affect companies worldwide, Kantornia is located in San Jose and the medium-sized business, Antngl Dirk Morris is the chief product officer of the security provider, the small interpretation of the network.

TechNewsworld said, "This phenomenon has highlighted the fact that any software dependent on software, especially Internet-related software, may be sensitive to cyber security threats."

Semiconductor production should be concentrated

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